Hey Magical Travellers,

Hope you’ve had a good week, cause it’s ONLY GETTIN’ BETTER! WOOOOOOO!!! Here’s the news…



IT’S OUT! Update 26 is finally out! PTS will be offline until 27 is reading for RC.

Alliances are live, and you can read up on the patch notes HERE. All the reserved Alliances from a few months ago are up with their designated emblems. The Emblem Creator however will be added at a later date. 


*KRRRRRSSSHHHHHHHH* Hello? Travellers, can you hear us? *RRRSSHHHHH*

Welcome back to EPISODE 5 the Worlds Adrift podcast, hosted… by Moster! Featuring Julia and Malford… and GUY FIERI (in spirit, sorta)!

Topics we cover:

  • Who is Moster?
  • We released 26! Wooo! (Julia’s fault for announcing it early)
  • Features of Update 27 in addition the undisclosed sub-culture that is not GOTHS (but should be)
  • New craftable ship part – the Stove!
  • Fire? 
  • Recipes or Cooking Schematics!
  • Buffs/Debuffs: What do they improve?

And as always, we answer all the Community Questions some of which are absolutely BRILLIANT and we love your brains!

Want us to answer your questions? Comment below and we will pick a few awesome ones to ask our next guest(s)!

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Malford – @Malford_
Julia – @lady_jeanette

What have the devs been up to this week?

  • Releasing Update 26
  • Tons of bug fixing, particularly around tutorial quest steps. – Moster
  • Haven quest steps and tweaks, Haven related bug fixes. – Allan
  • Bug fixes – Trees now have foliage again, fixed missing icons for UI. – Klaudia
  • Steam capsule art work. – Klaudia
  • Working on a new model for Rhegus Greaves – Klaudia
  • Tweaks to tree foliage shader – we now have some cheap fake translucency. – Cheap Fake Andy
  • Many bug fixes including broken crafting effects, turbine engines not tinting correctly based on material type. – Andy
  • PVE bug fixes and investigating one cause of greyscreening/infinite loading. – Shane
  • Been working on the art for the [SECRET] Stasis pack and bugfixing. – Rebecca
  • Many many many bug fixings. – Jack
  • Allow right click to equip scanner tool. – Kexin (part of the Haven tutorial sequence)
  • Pve cannon ball should hitting friendly target, but take no damage – Kexin
  • Fixed the bug: Interacting with cannon will teleport you back to it regardless of distance. – Kexin
  • If compass, bomb, lifter are attached on a object, when that object has been destroyed, the attached item will fall and disappear after 60 seconds.- Kexin (players know this as the cause of the “atlas mining” exploit)
  • Audio fixes to chest, barrels, makeshift storage and stove door SFX. – Kexin
  • Fixes dyed cloth crafting UI preview. – Kexin
  • Started loom animation, fixing Haven crashed ship interior lighting issues and some minor asset changes. – John W
  • Fixed bugs that were causing problems for players. Also fixed bugs that were causing problems for QA. – John H
  • Fixed guitar bugs. – Tamas
  • Iterating on the new map. – Malford
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs… Turrets now can target ships, not just players and make it burn-burn-burn (not really burn, but it would have been awesome, right?!)
And with that, have a fantastic weekend bonding in-game and on Discord.
As always, see you in the skies,
Julia & WA Team (that’s our band name)