Greetings Travellers!

Here’s the news…

Update 27 WIPE!

The large, PVE feature heavy update will bring many new things including the Haven (previously known as Tier 0) and a new map, which Malford is currently working on! We will arrange loads of pre-wipe events closer to the date, which is currently slotted in for late September. In addition to that, word on the street is we will be reducing the total number of servers until we need to grow again. This is yet to be confirmed but that’s what it’s looking like so far.


We are on EPISODE 3 the Worlds Adrift podcast!

Malford (@Malford_) and Luke (@Eternz) sound fabulous as they talk about upcoming features, wipes, and answer some of the fantastic questions from the community members. There were plenty more topics to cover but the bois ran out of time, so more juicy news-juice next week!

Leave us questions you want answered on the next episode in the comments on any of the places you listen to the podcast.

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And now you are all updated on the juicy details, if you were to pass by a dev’s PC you this week you’d see them working on some of the following things~

What have the devs been up to this week?

Most of the following items are slotted in for Update 27, but this may be subject to change!

  • Playtesting and balancing update 27 features! -Luke

  • I’ve been drinking too much… – release 27 (if the merge request gods are good to us) – Andy

note, the player motion while drunk still requires tweaks etc etc, this is the general idea and is code complete

  • Getting Tier Zero (now known as Haven) testable and putting all the existing tutorial steps together as well as adding new steps. -Allan
  • PVE-related fixes, looking at other peoples’ code and telling them they’ve used too many tabs or not enough. -Shane
  • I’ve been bugfixing and separating out the schematics tab from the gauntlet crafting tab. -John
  • Fixes around PTS config, more work on making chat robust as well as working on getting load test to work for release 26 and future releases… – Semi
  • *NEW CULTURE* compass and reviewing all things – Murillo
  • Worked on 2 different small bugs related to UI such as schematics popup buttons and unlearn button on schematics tab. Also fixing UI to be trigger with a delay after the animation on lootable items is completed. -Giulia
  • Test plans, description updates, bug fixes, and more! -Moster
  • Guitar and helping Allan with the quest system. -Tamas
  • Reviewing merges and merging all the Update 27 features together without breaking everything. -All the coders

As always, see you in the skies,