Greetings Travellers,

Hope you’ve had a great work/study week and a ready to kick back and enjoy the weekend. We are releasing a new update on Tuesday, so brace yoselves: crouch, roll, and sneak are coming!!

Awesome News

In case you missed it, the boys streamed an AMA with Luke the Lead Designer this week, you can catch up with it here:

And we have a beautiful compilation of the best bits from Worlds Adrift Bossa Streams! Enjoy!

More Awesome News!

We have another competition for you – you can win a goody bag that I will personally send you across the world(s) wherever you are <3 So submit me your birbs, and if you win – you shall be swaggishly rewarded.

What have the Devs been up to this week?

This week’s Captain’s Log comes with some Spicy Annotations Additions!

  • Implementing CS tools (making banning more fun)
  • Chasing a non-live bug where trees weren’t salvageable
  • Fixing the ‘respawn at the spot you last died’ bug since it didn’t fully fix in 0.2.1 (0.2.2)
  • Chasing a mysterious unity shader import issue which will be noticed by no-one (hopefully??? :D) 0.2.2
  • Integrating new figureheads and lamps made a little while back 0.2.2


    • Changes to the way hats cover hair. If you have a two-piece beard mustache combo, where a hat would cover the beard, the tash shall remain! 0.2.2 <– most important fix
    • Bugfix procedural icons on 0.2.3 – making them perform as well as I promised in the blog post
    • Banning people
    • Designing something to help new players not get murdered
    • Doing load tests and fixing lots of things
    • Texturing / Mapping the last 4 Saborian engines

  • Changed Open Air sfx, now the further the player is from an island, the louder the sound of being in open air will be… just like in RL
  • Changed the ship sail flapping sfx to be react based on how much the sail pushes your ship
  • Implemented the player damaged sfx to be heard by both local and remote players
  • Added icon and craft information to scannable tooltip when mousing over schematics on inventory UI
  • Optimize procedurally-generated ship part icon
  • Fixed ghost engines only being seen occasionally by players, but not other players (more spoopy buggos)
  • Integrating Alliances

That’s all folks!

As always, see you in the skies,

Julia <3