Greetings beautiful Travellers,

Finally, I am proud to announce the…

Ship Building Competition Winner!

Gotta say, these competitions are hella tough to judge and decide who gets first place. Especially when all the submissions are so frickin’ awesome! You can check them out HERE.

Winning Place goes to Zatios and this pretty birb:

Well done, dude!! Drop me and email on [email protected] with your address so I can send you a goody bag!


Worthy Mentions

Divineevil’s Bronzebeak.

Gitlitwitit’s “Trash birds”


What have the devs been up to this week?

  • Polishing thuntomite/manta damage art
  • Fixing the hole in the top of the Saborian ancient respawners
  • Making ambient sand effects look nicer in the Badlands
  • Working on a tutorial zone island
  • Restored missing muzzle flash on Drissian pistol 0.2.2.x
  • Disabled wind VFX for helm and wings as these weren’t working as well as we’d hoped, we’ll revisit soon 0.2.2.x
  • Restored missing ‘pipe’ texture on wooden helm 0.2.2.x
  • Ship yard domes now visually do not expand, but fade it. This is far cheaper for client-side physics due to colliders and triggers scaling on the client, it also looks less conspicuous. 0.2.3.
  • Creature’s visually showing damage and decaying is now nearly in ready to go 0.2.4
  • Tweaks to male character’s idle pose so it’s not quite as rough and jarring 0.2.4
  • Still doing stuff* on the tutorial zone

*stuff = Answering questions, preparing the MVP integration of the tutorial system into the current tutorial system, feedback with Jack’s beautiful version of the tutorial zone island

  • Studying the login flow in order to blow it up and rebuild it
  • Continuing the delicate reconstructive work on the Alliance system’s face
  • Helping Improbable fix the suspected dead zone issues
  • Finishing off Spatial 10.6.0 update
  • Performing heroics and fixing the develop branch for the artists
  • Wrapped up the legendary Saborian turbines
  • Future clothing options! (WIP on the textures)

  • Balancing loot accumulation over time
  • Design on non-RNG ways of acquiring schematics
  • Fixed some crew beacon issues
  • Banning people
  • Helping people

As always, have lovely weekend, and…

See you in the skies,