Greetings Travellers, 

Hope you’ve had a lovely week!

The team is concentrating on some lag fixing, whether it’s on Live or PTS (which is totally back online btw). It’s a delicate process~


PVE Server Experiment

In case you missed it, on Wednesday we had some Surprise Maintenance on the Kubo PVE Server. This was intended to fix some server lag issues (chests taking over 10 seconds to respond, items not reacting, etc), HOPEFULLY this has worked!

We would very much like to know if your experience has improved since then! Let us know in the comments below, or by creating a support ticket on

This has also raised a new topic… Why do we refer to everything as lag?

Who can explain these things to us?!

How do we fix these thing?!


Q&A Stream with the CTO

We roped the Chief Technology Officer for some candid questions about that!

Watch CANDID Q&A with CTO Sylvain from BossaStudios on

Featured Topics:

  • Server performance issues
  • What makes the BEST bug report? And why? –
  • What types of performance issues?
  • Performance issues: Clientside, Serverside
  • What’s the difference between latency and lag?
  • How do these crazy servers communicate?
  • What kind of tools do the devs build to make their lives easier?
  • Wanna know why certain features are easier execute than others?

Community Questions:

RitchieJ says:

It’s Sylvain’s fault that I started playing WA!
First heard about it at his ‘MegaLuug 1’ talk, University of Greenwich, August 2016.
Questions :
1. Regarding the PvP/PvE server split what part did Unity Analytics play in the decision making?
Subjective forum feedback is one thing but I guess access to hard data would have been more influential.
2. Two years down the line from that Greenwich talk has the game development process – on the shoulders of server tech itself in early development – been easier or harder than you anticipated back then? What were the unforeseen challenges?

Ena says:

Hey, multithreading is the way to go – why is this “advanced” physics game – still just using 1 core. What can be done against the performance issues ? Even on a 8700k the frame drops are causing the physics to go nuts in a fight.
In short terms – what can really be done to increase the stability of frames for a smoother experience ?


Atreties says:

Duplicating items has been an issue since day 1 of Closed Beta. Since then, we have had (at least) 10 different methods of duping.

1) When will you be looking at some sort of background Unique ID system for all items in the game?

2) Why wasn’t the game initially built with some sort of Unique ID system? Duping has been an issue in every game without one.

Hope this has been informative, kiddos! Next Tech Tuesday will be the cheat sheet we mentioned on the stream.


What have the devs been up to this week?

  • Admin work and server optimizations – Murillo
  • New texture for wooden chairs, fixing chairs so character sits better on them – Klaudia
  • Performance investigations and some fixes – Andy
  • Murdering the duping bug – Kexin
  • fixing crew beacon being consumed and the cooldown timer resetting when it shouldn’t have… and looking into performance data from analytics – Semi
  • Back down the rabbit hole of ship synchronisation…………… – Dave
  • Player temperature system – Malford
  • Testing voip – Luke
  • Making new default ship schematics – Luke
  • Fixed large knockback on cannon fire – Luke
  • Memory leak investigation – Shane
  • VOIP implementation – Shane
  • Spoopy stuff – Ali
  • Game Jammin’ – Everyone (because otherwise the team would burn the heck out)

Have a fantastic weekend, and we will see you in the skies 😀

Julia & WA Team