Greetings Travellers,

We bring you our weekly roundup of things that you may have missed.


We released the Hotfix this Monday which means voice chat is working swell and sailing should be SMOOTHER.

You can read the patch notes and see it for yourself! As usual, we are looking forward to your feedback, so let us know what you think of the improvements.



In case you literally JUST MISSED IT, here’s the recap of our rum-infused stream!

Watch Worlds Adrift – Rise of the New Council from BossaStudios on


Writing Competition

We announced a writing competition on 7th of January, and couldn’t begin to imagine the amount of fantastic, rich submissions we’d get.

It was not a joke when I said these submissions were incredibly difficult to judge – we had about 15 runners up. You’re all such strong writers, it’s been an absolute pleasure and very inspiring reading through the submissions.

But… We’ve made you wait long enough, my lovelies!





Writing Competition Winner is… KaussKauss with “Letter from Mother to Son”

A mother writes an emotional letter to her son, inspiring him to ‘take helm’ and endure through times of adversity. Short and powerful story that tells so much about the mentality of a true explorer!

Congratulations!!! Email me on [email protected] so we can sort your prize out!


The following are just SOME of our favourites:

Eroe – Untitled Journal Entry 

Negan – Waking Day

Rubus – Untitled (BUT ILLUSTRATED!) 

Airship Captain – Lives Adrift 

Childish Rambino – Found on the battered remains of a ship once flown 

Booooooooo – Untitled  

JGrace – In Search of What She Lost 


I highly recommend going back to read some of these fantastic pieces. It gives insight on how your fellow travellers see and experience the world(s) around them, you will most certainly recognise the motions we all go through.


What have the devs been up to this week?

    • Investigating and improving the Blight
    • Ship deteriorate visuals are coming back – Update 30
    • Investigating potential for ship rendering optimisations.
    • Working on assets for the store.
    • Steam marketplace setup.
    • Getting close to final ship blueprint design with input from the CCC.
    • Updates 30 and 31 design docs.
    • Rebalanced bandages, and Atlas lifters.
    • Increased resilience for gear items.
    • Fixed infinate duping bug in develop build.
    • Fixed the placement for engine and atlas core.
    • Referral rest server changes.
    • Login/logout flow refactoring (TBC)
    • Login/logout refactor ongoing, build issues, other smaller bugs
  • Refactoring Blight rendering systems
  • QA – doing our utmost to break the new features!


Have a lovely weekend, and we will see you in the skies!

Julia + WA Team x