Greetings Travellers, 

Exciting times are ahead of us! New Foundations are approaching fast. 9th of October we are wiping and launching the PvE Server.

Important things to remember in this update:

  • Characters – all characters will be reset as new after the wipe!
  • Existing Alliances – will be moved to the PvP Server tied with the characters that created them. You can of course delete and restart them on PvE.
  • Badlands – (past the Sandwall) is PvP on both servers
  • Haven – is the new starting tutorial area
  • Turrets – watch your back, there are hidden dangers lurking on some islands…


We are back on track with EPISODE 8 the Worlds Adrift podcast, hosted by Moster, Malford and Julia!

Topics we discuss:

  • Who’s been working?
  • New Foundations update announcement and date
  • PTS PVE/PVP feedback
  • Trailers

DISCLAIMER: Totally only fixed the spectator camera internally.

Want us to answer your questions? Comment below and we will pick a few awesome ones to ask our next guest(s)!

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Pre-Wipe Event

This Saturday night (TOMORROW) – party is on. It’s the End of an Era Wipe Event. Race and PVP to demolish your materials and savings before you lose them to a wipe!

Take screenshots of your competing ships and send them to us.


What have the devs been up to this week?

  • Progression revamp design to greatly reduce RNG – Luke
  • Helm bug – Murillo
  • UI work to show rarity of items in the inventory (update 29) (I think) – Klaudia
  • Load balancing improvements that should be coming in the next PTS update. This will massively improve FPS immediately after login, but also fix a lot of bugs like falling through buildings on islands, being able to cheese through dungeons by logging out and in then quickly running past walls that haven’t loaded yet. Ships not being completely loaded by the time you spawn. Potentially the weird phantom engines bug. Lots of weird stuff that was hard to reproduce, that became easy to reproduce after load balancing became used consistently!
    I’ve also done a pass on the ships. In update 28 ships will no longer teleport a little bit every 30s or so. Also, the little judder that would happen every so often has been fixed! I’m now moving back onto the server boundaries problem to stop needing the workaround we put in place and put in the proper fix that in theory should make boundary crossings completely smooth, but no promises yet 😛 – David MVP
  • Fixed the bug where anything updating inventory will cause all equitable item to turn off. – Kexin
  • Allow not tinted clothing(head pieces) to have the correct icon. – Kexin
  • When player respawns, if no valid chamber is found, fallback to choose random island in same Biome. – Kexin
  • Finalizing materials balancing, overheat (non-proximity), fixing bugs for 27, and planning/feature work for 28 and 29. – Moster
  • More work on the Marauder drums and a spooky Halloween cosmetic item. – Rebecca
  • Performance improvements and investigating memory leaks. – Shane
  • Working on the lore that introduces the Immobilator. – Malford
  • Installing malicious FPS logging code on QA’s machines. – John
  • Working on decreasing amount of NRE for 28. – Anastasiia
  • Small turrets fixes. – Anatsasiia 

Have a fantastic weekend, and we will see you in the skies 😀

Julia & WA Team