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We are happy to celebrate the arrival of Update 29, and we are happy with all the brilliant feedback (positive and negative, but always constructive!) we’ve been receiving about the new features!

There’s more to come, of course, as work on Update 30 and 31 is already underway. But for now, behold the gigantic full list of features below, jump into the game and experience it by yourself.

Read Patch Notes Here!

In addition to these massive additions to the game, the significant FPS improvement, we have reset the knowledge nodes (data banks) today so you can keep gaining knowledge without losing any items or progress. Use it wisely for your new ciphers slots and updating your cannon and engine schematics to adapt to overheat.


Ship-building Challenge

Now that we have ship painting, how about making a Christmas Tree Ship?!

Rules: MAKE IT COLOURFUL and submit links to Steam screenshots in the comments below!

Deadline: Thursday, 20th of December, 2018

Reward: 2 x drums of paint!


What have the devs been up to this week?

  • Releasing Update 29!
  • Design future features, sails and saving entire ships, rather than just the frames.
  • Tutorial/survival data design
  • Design for an in-game camera for capturing footage
  • Wrote a tool to analyse our world snapshots so we can what entities are causing the most data
  • Ship stability changes have gone into QA, but Mantas are being jerks, so looking into stopping them from being so jerky…
  • Investigating customisation bug (old clothing not showing colour correctly, have a fix and merge request already)
  • Making the broken analytics event work again!
  • Working on automated maintenance.
  • Working on step of placing parts issues
  • Fixing inventory not opening in develop
  • New schematics icons
  • General bug fixing/investigating
  • Looking into Update 30 tasks
  • Cannon balancing and tweaking
  • Spectator cam design
  • Investigating Proximity Voice Chat reported issues
  • This… finally occurred:

Have a lovely weekend, and as always… 

See you in the skies,

Julia & WA Team