Spirit of Giving

We’re currently offering a 25% OFF as part of Steam’s Black Friday sale! So, go on… Tempt your friends, now is a fantastic time to be recruiting.

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Hype Train

In the spirit of Update 29 has now been feature locked and sleigh-ted for the 11th of December. A nice, early Holiday gift.

All aboard the Hype Train! You will be getting exciting new features including:

  • Proximity voice chat – Widely anticipated and widely requested, you can now parley before you shoot.
  • Engine overheat – Long awaited stat is coming to life! We will be doing a full piece on this with Moster walking you through the design details, but this will drastically change the PVP ship meta.
  • Painting ship parts – Pimp your Flight!
  • Ciphers – Gone are the days of entirely depending on the mercy of RNG! Players can slot Ciphers into their schematics to raise certain stats at the cost of other stats
  • New metals – More variety, and retweaked older metals.
  • New recipes – More food means more BUFFS! Delicious.
  • Stack Splitting… YAS.


CCC Nominees

Continuing to narrow down the lists! Next week we will have an announcement 😀


New Tutorial Video

No podcast this week, but enjoy the new Strite tutoriaaaal!


What have the Devs been up to this week?

  • Planning future updates
  • Searching for Play-Test Subjects
  • Onboarding fixes
  • Build fixes
  • Maintenance refactoring, build pipeline’s snapshot tool.
  • Maintenance shutdown message (this has been wonky for some people, so we have readdressed it)
  • Broadcast message cheat command (so we can make adhoc server-wide announcements!)
  • Assorted bug fixes – Ship Frame spawned with no collision
  • Character Create UI fix…
  • Reproducing Community bugs
  • Resolving voice chat issues
  • Stats order in different crafting UI
  • Fixing “Indestructible stove”, gear items health syncing between clients
  • Tutorial stuff
  • Cipher tooltips, balancing and general explanations so players know how to use em
  • Playtesting overheat, ships and cannons
  • Bug fixes for engine VFX
  • Bug fixes for imposters
  • QA – Breaking the game and working on a new slogan, ‘A fix a day keeps the QA away’

Have a fabulous weekend, Travelleroonies!

See you in the skies,

Julia + W.A. Team


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