Greetings Travellers, 

WE LAUNCHED 28! SPOOPY PUMPKIN PATCH! Have you read the Patchnotes?

Latest Podcast Episode

We’re back with EPISODE 10 of the Worlds Adrift Dev Podcast with Malford, Moster and Julia!

Topics we discuss:

  • Laggy McLagface
  • Halloweenies
  • Update 28
  • And sorta Update 29
  • User questions

Want us to answer your questions? Comment below and we will pick a few awesome ones to ask our next guest(s)!

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Tutorial Video Series

As you know, New Foundations marked the largest introduction of new features since Worlds Adrift launched into Early Access back in May. As such, we thought (Well, Strite is the daddy of this one) it might be handy (or should that be hooky?) to start a new series of tutorial videos.
To kick things off, we’re discussing the differences between the PvP and PvE servers, the deadly new threats you’ll encounter on islands, and the measures we’ve introduced to counter griefing!

Halloween Competition

Original post: HERE

Using the free Worlds Adrift Island Creator tool (shameless plug: each and every one of the 300 gorgeously intricate islands that make up the world of Foundation was made by a member of the community), we want you to create a Halloween-themed island, based on one of the following (if not all three!) themes…


1. House on the Haunted Hill

2. Purgatory

3. The Abandoned Carnival


But sky pirate that you are, what about that glittery prize we hear ye’ ask? Well… all entries will be reviewed by our illustrious production team, who’ll not only be looking for flair and creativity, but something that would thematically fit within Worlds Adrift. As well as being added to the world, the winning island will be lovingly transformed into a wall-worthy watercolour by our eminent in-house artist, Dan Lish, for you to keep! Plus, we’ll also present the winning entry, as well as two runner-ups, with one of the aforementioned (and in very much limited supply!) goat masks.

What have the devs been up to this week?

  • More visual optimisations, specifically Occlusion Culling and Runtime Impostor Rendering – Trying to make the islands cheaper to render basically, jury’s out on the results and the technical issues that’ll follow – Andy
  • Making the Marauder ship horn and concepting future clothing items – Rebecca
  • Blight related fixes, looking into onboarding and tutorial improvements – Allan
  • Concepting outfits, finishing off different colouring/lighting for Remnants and Badlands biomes, starting on NEW THING – Jack
  • Memory leaks and VOIP for update 29 – Shane
  • Stack splitting – John
  • Duping bug – Kexin
  • Bug fixes with player inventory – Anastasiia
  • Various bug fixes related to player crafting – Anastasiia
  • fixing marauder loot etc – Luke
  • Progression revamp – Luke
  • Recording and editing the PVP/PVE video – Dean
  • Post-Haven on-boarding, Overheat hand-off, new material finalization, Quest system design – Moster
  • Made ships ‘smooth’ over server boundaries, or at least as smooth as they can ever be due to the laws of computing and mathematics and stuff. Now it’s time to start testing all the edge cases (of which there are many) before handing it over to QA – Dave
  • We broke the game – QA
  • General Bugfixing – Tamas (previously Lieutenant general)
  • Trying to wrap up crew beacon fix (still) and digging into frame rate and latency analytics – Semi
  • Attempted to bugfix (but only manage to better bugobserve) servers being d***s and General Helpfulness – Maurizio (“Helped people with their bugs, and worked on some & RandomRespawn doesn’t respawn you in the same island anymore”)
  • Refactoring random expensive server operations everywhere – Murillo
  • Checking Steam Inventory API – Murillo
  • Being mini Sylvain – Murillo
  • Working on validating my ship part optimisations actually improves performance – Murillo

Have a spooktastic weekend, and we will see you in the skies 😀

Julia & WA Team