Greeting Travellers,

Hope you’ve all had a good week despite the lag-overcast-weather the servers have been having!


The News

PTS: As you may have already read, the PTS has unfortunately been delayed. This due to bugs relating to Alliance chat on the PTS build. Obviously, the devs are doing their best to fix it up as soon as possible, because we really want you to try it all out before it hits live! But we also don’t want to delay the actual Alliances any longer!

Lag: We are aware of the severe lag some players experience; some were working on a hotfix last week, it didn’t work too well in testing, so we decided to fix things up manually until we figure out something that works! As it currently stands server-side devs are continuing to deep dive investigate what’s causing the lag. Technically, we already know that all the entity despawn tools have failed to do their job (Blight/Understorm), so there’s deposits lying around that we started to clean out during maintenance until we fix the tools themselves. Plot twist has been that even after an intensive cleanup lag sometimes hits you anyway! So onward with the investigation.

“Julia, where the hell did Tech Tuesday go?” – Well, glad you asked! I wasn’t comfortable pulling devs away from fixing more pressing broken things (see above), and will try to give them breathing space for next Tuesday. I promise, however, once this is all done, we will get you a nice, in-depth techy blog post! Got any suggestions about what you’d like to read about? Comment below!


The Good News

We are painfully aware (and have been actively reminded by the CCC and the playtesters) that we haven’t released anything juicy in quite some time. is the non-codey folk are beginning to crack on with shiny new… CONTENT! So once all this is sorted we can move onto exciting things! On top of that, there’s an announcement incoming next week. *eyebrow wiggle*



What have the devs been working on this week?

  • Filling out cooking recipes, drop rates and adding new ingredients to loot tables
  • Working on a *new culture* loot table! New lore, recipes, clothing, etc for it.
  • Alliance bugs
  • Working on Tutorial Zone crashed ship
  • Working on Tutorial Zone special revival chamber
  • Adding pigment system to the game, schematics for dyed cloth, and creating schematics for clothing crafting. Wrote up some documents for pigment, a player reward system, a vault system, and am today starting on data input for the furniture system
  • Fixing anything and everything that’s in the way of releasing Alliances
  • Atlas compass model
  • VFX for leaving the Tutorial Zone. Still WIP (if the placeholder white column doesn’t seem out of place)

Tease tease tease!!

As a side note, if you feel like you want to make a contribution in terms of direct feedback? Test some games which may or may not be Worlds Adrift? Answer some vague questions? Vote on what you think the best artwork is?

👉 Bossa Studios Playtest Discord:

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you in the skies,

Julia 🌸❤️