Hey Travellers,


Hope you are doing well and dandy! Apologies for last week’s radio silence, but yours truly was away with the Surgeon Simulator CPR team at the EGX convention in Birmingham where we all proceeded to get ill. *sniff* Hence here’s a very late podcast episode that was recorded last Tuesday! Sorry folks, next episode will be in a timely fashion again ūüėÄ However… There’s some news you’ve been waiting for…

WIPE/Update News

It’s official.

Update 27 is landing on the 9th. Hip hip HOORAY!


End of an Era Pre-Wipe Event

End of an Era Pre-Wipe Event next Saturday 6th October!

What? A short race and an open PVP Event to kiss all your old ships goodbye!

When? This event will be on Saturday 6th October at the following times: This event will be on Saturday 6th October at the following times: 7pm BST/2pm EST РTen Rui; 8pm BST/3pm EST РRedusa; 9pm BST / 4pm EST РCapulca; 10pm BST / 5pm EST РDino; 11pm BST / 6pm EST РDarrat.

Where? Rally points and finish lines are TBC in next week’s Captain’s Log.

Prize? YES. First across the finish line and last ship afloat will get cosmetic prizes after the wipe! YOU GET TO KEEP THEM!

Save the date, lovelies <3


Battle Regatta

This Saturday will be the Battle Regatta РBrainchild of the Catalina Wine Mixer! 

What? A PVP race across the map! Four ships, no crew limit, random crews, two ship building stops, ending with a Trippaholic treasure hunt!

Where/When? This will take place on Dinoue and will be at 1pm CST. Catalina Wine Mixer will supply materials for your ship build this Saturday!

The Battle Regatta will start on Ishtar, in R1, go to H5 РRadar station for a rebuild (where you will be met by Stormageddon with new ship frames ready for you), and end in U1 where you will meet Tripp at The Cube. We will take people who need a ride to R1 over by shuttle. The event starts at 1pm CST. To participate you can join the in discord HERE OR jump on either of these streams and give your name to be added to the crew:

The Profane Professor


Got questions, jump into the Catalina Wine Mixer Discord and the mentioned streams!



Without further ado, welcome back to EPISODE 7 the Worlds Adrift podcast, hosted Malford, Moster and Julia! 

Topics we discuss:

  • PTS and its patch notes¬†(and why they’re important)
  • Engines¬†(Update 28)
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Overheat
  • Dragonball

And as always, we answer all the Community Questions some of which are absolutely BRILLIANT and we love your brains!

Want us to answer your questions? Comment below and we will pick a few awesome ones to ask our next guest(s)!


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What have the Devs been up to the past two weeks?

  • Crashing EGX livestreams and recovering from con flu – Julia/Kirk
  • Lots of haven related improvements/bug fixes – Allan
  • Lots of build related improvements/bug fixes – Allan
  • Chasing Mildred (the inexplicable ship possession and drifting), mostly – Murillo
  • Concepts for a Marauder style guitar and drum set – Rebecca
  • Marauder electric guitar, some bug fixes for¬†update 28 release, helping out with the trailer filming – Klaudia

  • Trailer-related bug fixes and performance testing/fixes – Andy
  • Optimisations to reduce the CPU load every frame – Shane
  • bug fixing, trailer recording, and material rebalancing! – Moster
  • NRE bugfixes, some small turrets stuff – Ana
  • Tweaking and sorting out our physics based impact damage – Tom
  • Glider balancing – Tom
  • Fixing animations on cannon and helm – Tom
  • Fixing player rotation weirdness when piloting turrets and the ship angles hard – Tom
  • Client optimisations for better performance – DAVE


Julia & WA Team