Greetings Travellers,

The big news is:

New CCC Results!

We streamed the selection, new CCC members are:

1. Greedomorph

2. Schiraz

3. Vloshko

4. Muttonch0ps (Dimes)

5. Bigsby

6. Meisterkeen

7. DocFreeman

8. Arjuna

9. Stormageddon

10. JeremyKerman

Congratulations!! Julia will be in touch next week to brief you 🙂

Stream in question is here:

New Videos

What have the Devs been up to this week?

  • General bugfixing of many things!
  • Long term planning for overheat
  • More onboarding fixes and improvements
  • Fixing inventory related exploits and issues
  • Further design work focusing on ship blueprints
  • Maintenance improvements using the PTS as a guinea pig!
  • VOIP integration and analytics pipeline
  • Ciphers!
  • Designing potential cosmetic items for the potential store 😉
  • Increasing ship render distance 
  • Conceptualising Update 30 content
  • Refactoring personal weapons to allow for more… lets say, variety
  • Designing new crosshairs / cursors

Have a good weekend, Travellers!

See you in the skies,

Kirk + W.A. Team