Happy Friday Travellers,

We hope you’re about to celebrate like Glayce and co. right here!

We just emerged from our Friday stream so if you missed some of the HOT LUKE LEAKS you can catch up with the VOD below:

Watch Worlds Adrift – Bossa’s Friday Drifts from BossaStudios on http://www.twitch.tv

You can catch us next Friday, same place, same time (5.00pm GMT, 6.00pm CET, 12.00pm EST, 9.00AM PST) <3


Return of the Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday has made a comeback this week with a delightful piece from Murillo, on the WA’s relationship journey with hotfixes.

You may have (or have not) noticed we’ve released a couple chunky hotfixes recently instead of the extended times between updates, and there’s another fix on the horizon… To find out more, read on.


What have the devs been up to this week?

    • Fixing Update 30 issues.
    • Clean up and stability improvements for login flow (also Update 30).
    • Fixed panel z-fighting  – Update 30.

  • Implemented new Immobilator Art, still pending VFX and audio update – Update 30.

  • Fixed cannon stacking bug – Update 30.
  • Continued ship rendering optimisation research and began implementation – Update 30 and beyond.
  • Testing message size fixes and Ship persistence for next updates.
  • Fixing bug Voice Chat volume cannot be changed gradually.
  • Working on marketing camera.
  • Working on optimizing message size.
  • Reviewing and updating crew reviver design.
  • Setting up and initial design balancing on Kioki and Saborian legendary engine:

  • Finalised ship blueprint design.
  • Blight risk warning when building a ship design doc
  • Working on improving the the intended behaviour for the blight:
    • Part destruction will occur at a steady rate i.e. not more than one part per 30 seconds.
    • Parts should only be destroyed if they have been online for a few minutes. This gives players a chance to escape if they login inside a Blight.
    • The Blight should be positioned in order to encapsulate the highest priority destruction targets.
    • The Blight should smoothly move around to new positions when necessary.
    • The Blight’s movement speed should increase as long as there is nothing in it’s destruction area (to catch fast blight-bringer ships).
    • Ship parts should be prioritised for destruction by a mix of how expensive they are and how important they are to players.
    • Blights should be visible from nearby islands.
    • When inside a Blight, it should be clearly telegraphed which direction is the way out.
    • Always ensure the closest Blight to you is rendered correctly
  • Fixed the weathercell no nature exception on snapshot tool.
  • Fixed snapshot `AddNature` function.

With that, have a lovely weekend, stay awesome and keep fighting the good fight.

See you in the skies,

Julia + W.A. Team