Greetings Wanderers of the vast and unknowable universe,

We released two hot fixes, how are you?


Community Council 

For those of you who missed the initial post you may find it here, but in a nutshell – the Council is a community focus group helping us get concise feedback across the board as we make decisions in development and represent community sentiment. You want to build a bigger, better community for yourself and your friends!


Nomination response deadline is the 16th of November.

Te reiterate, a panel of Bossians will do an initial screening of all candidates. Final 10 candidates will be selected at random on stream.



We are back with EPISODE 12 the Worlds Adrift Dev podcast, with Malford the Magnificent, LegendAry Luke and Jolly Julia!

Topics we discuss:

  • Community Cloud Council – restructure, clarifying selection process.
  • Hotfixes this week: A duping exploit relying on latency has been fixed. / Performed an optimisation on ships to improve server performance.
  • Island Creator Winner
  • Answering Community Questions

Want us to answer your questions? Comment below and we will pick a few awesome ones to ask our next guest(s)!

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Science Stream

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What have the devs been up to this week?

  • Client optimisations are in, so lets see how much it helped and what I now have to fix 😉 – Andy
  • Also this… Started work on a system to highlight things for tutorial and other such things – Andy
  • Overheating and Steam inventory integration for Stash items – Murillo
  • New lamp and bugfixing – Jack
  • Ship building tutorial – Tamas
  • Voice chat authentication and bugs – Ben
  • Fixed deployment tag (making doing maintenance easier) – Kexin
  • Cipher, split stack, customization feature/bug fixes – Kexin
  • Cipher balancing – Luke
  • Adding new metals – Luke
  • Setting up ship paint and clothing dye schematics and what parts can be painted – Luke
  • Designing better player interaction options – Luke
  • All the new hotness – Moster (new things)
  • New clothes – Rebecca
  • New cooking stuffs! – Malford
  • Discord Rich Presence, REST server issues, cipher icons – Maurizio
  • Tutorial improvements – Allan
  • Optimising server performance. Unjerking ships. – Dave

Happy Weekending, folks!

See you in the skies,

Julia + W.A. Team