Greetings Travellers,

Happy New Year and welcome back to your favourite Friday blog post!

Have you had a good holiday? Have you travelled far and wide?

At least to the neighbouring island? Good! If not – Worlds Adrift can help you to work on that New Year’s Resolution to travel more.

Bossians are slowly creeping back into work and the team is picking up their work on improving your favourite game. As pledged in the pre-holiday post by Captain Sylvain (can be read here), we’re not only committed to hearing out and responding to your feedback, but to also act on it. We ended the year on hotfixes to update 29 addressing the most pressing issues, and you might have been able to experience a smoother flying experience on the PTS. We are starting the new year by working on delivering this hotfix (29.4) to the live servers. So, that will keep us busy to start the year off!

It’s only 4 days into 2019, and there’s loads on everybody’s to-do lists, but the real question is…


What have the devs been working on this week?

  • Ship deterioration visuals, getting them working again!
  • Fixing small issues with Hotfix 4.
  • Local testing and building Update 30.
  • Planning overheat stuff for the future. With the first implementation we worked out a formula that felt roughly right but it’s tough to balance it to have the outcomes that feel right, so the idea is we’re starting with the outcomes that we want and working out how to achieve that with the maths afterwards. We want overheat to be a mechanic that you can master to give yourself an advantage rather than a hindrance.
  • Merging some technical debt branches that have been hanging around.
  • Testing ship view distance changes.
  • Finding a solution for Mantas causing ships to flip out sometimes.
  • Fixing cipher slot not unlocking.
  • Maintenance process polishing.
  • Testing Hotfix 4 content and prepping it for sign off!

Love, and see you in the skies,

Julia & WA Team

(SWEET screenshot by DeliciousJudas)