Greetings Wanderers of the vast and unknowable universe,

As many of you have been buzzing about this, the new CCC selection is upon us.

Community Council 

For those of you who missed the initial post you may find it here, but in a nutshell – the Council is a community focus group helping us get concise feedback across the board as we make decisions in development and represent community sentiment. You want to build a bigger, better community for yourself and your friends!

We have looked into various online voting platforms and it’s looking like with enough dedication one can easily cheat the system.

The CCC members sign NDAs, and Herb and the devs can contact them in regards to questions they have. Examples from the last CCC sessions: PvE server, feature implementations, player-facing bug prioritisation. This means you have to be an active player. 

Sometimes Herb will ask “should we do a thing?”, sometimes tell you “hey, we’re doing a thing.” and we will have a short period of very passionate debate from some CCC representatives, better preparing us for bringing the new changes to the wider community, and knowing what problems to anticipate.

Basic Requirements:

  • 60+ hours of gameplay
  • Of good community character regardless of in-game playstyle
  • Very well familiarized with game mechanics and lore
  • Understanding of fellow player needs and desires when it comes to the game
  • All in-game playstyles are welcome
  • No recent in-game bans

Good to have:

  • If you are already a part of the Feedback/Playtest channels on discord ran by Tania is certainly a huge bonus
  • Previous game community council experience
  • Managing Worlds Adrift related content is a huge bonus (e.g.: fan pages, videos, streams, podcasts, etc.)

What will be required of a CCC member:

  • Council members will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Continue to play the game frequently and represent the community sentiment
  • Be comfortable voicing their opinions at Community Panel meetings/calls in a professional manner
  • Helpful to new players out and hopefully in-game (unless provoked)

Email me on [email protected] or respond to this thread with nominations. Response deadline is the 16th of November.

A panel of Bossians will do an initial screening of all candidates. Final 10 candidates will be selected at random on stream.


We are back with EPISODE 11 the Worlds Adrift Dev podcast, with Malford, Low Energy Moster and Julia!

Topics we discuss:

  • Update 29 feature lock pending
  • Stack splitting, and the work going on right now!
  • Halloween stuff – Orange dye, Pumpkins, Jack-o-Lantern’s, Pumpkin Spice Curry, Witch’s Brew and Horns of Olk 
  • Community Cloud Council – restructure and voting

Want us to answer your questions? Comment below and we will pick a few awesome ones to ask our next guest(s)!

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Herb Q&A Stream

Herb getting rapidfire questions. It’s good times.

New Tasty Tutorial

What have the devs been up to this week?

  • Island shader optimisations, continued work on distant island impostors – Andy
  • Crafting customization system – Kexin
  • Cipher fixes – Kexin
  • Overheating rehaul – Murillo
  • Adding ship paint and adjusting dyed cloth schematics – Luke
  • Rebalanced cannon damage against players – Luke
  • Fixed wooden ailerons appearing on metal wings – Luke
  • Redesign scanner and metal deposits – Luke
  • Loom and post-Haven tutorial stuff – Tamas
  • Zone transition text when entering a new biome – Tamas
  • Fixed a bug with alliance leader being blocked after changing public/officers notes – Anastasiia
  • Preview bonuses stats for crafting station depending on materials player uses for selected schematic – Anastasiia
  • More VOIP features and fixes – Shane
  • New recipes – Malford
  • Weird drinks – Malford
  • Onboarding improvements – Allan
  • Finished the art for the Marauder horn – Rebecca


Happy Weekending, folks!

See you in the skies,

Julia + W.A. Team