Greetings Travellers,

Hope you’ve had a lovely week and are enjoying the new startings of the store as well as the slightly less common Blight! More to come.


We launched a hotfix! Patchnotes – HERE

The store WHY and HOW explained – HERE

Tech Tuesday: What’s Hot? – HERE

What have the devs been working on this week?

  • Network optimizations and other assorted QOL things
  • Ship Imposters
  • Added a system to make messages in the server more reliable
  • Working on the new player login pipeline to make it more reliable
  • Island completion task design
  • Blight balancing
  • Collider optimisation on some ship parts
  • Knowledge tree redesign work
  • Using new ship reviver bookkeeping system:
    • Ship login/logout refactor
    • Player logout refactor
    • Registering reviver refactor
  • Inventory item move/swap logic rework
  • Resolving Assorted backend issue (migrating and inspecting one of our game database)


As always, see you in the skies!

J + WA Team