Hello wanderer!

Here at Bossa we have a tradition of doing game jams every month or two. This is when we set aside our normal projects for 2-4 days and organically form teams to create little game prototypes or proofs of concept for game ideas. Many of our projects started from game jams–Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread, and, yes, even Worlds Adrift! It’s part of the Bossa culture to always be doing new things, experimenting with new ideas, and empowering the people who make things to make things they want to make!

This week we’ve been having a 4 day game jam, but with a twist: the theme is “Unfinished Business,” and teams are allowed to jam on features they’ve always wanted to put into our existing games but never had the time to. We affectionately refer to these items on the backlog as the “yolog”–because you only live once, na’mean?

It’s a little hectic right now, so we’ll show off what we’ve been working on when the jam finishes, but for now, here are a couple little teasers:



There’s plenty of room in the skies for vanity




Leonardo da Vinci would be proud


Now, there’s no guarantee any of these features can actually fit into the production schedule as full features, but we’re having a lot of fun nonetheless. Thanks for reading, and catch you next week!


P.S. We’re experimenting with live-streaming the development of Worlds on http://www.twitch.tv/bossastudios, so definitely try to catch us! (You can see the last two sessions in the Past Broadcasts page.)

We don’t have a set schedule yet, so follow us on twitter @WorldsAdrift to get updates on when we’re about to go live.