Ship flying in mmo pc game worlds adrift with founders sail

Unless you’ve been hiding away in a cave this past week – surviving solely on manta steaks and daccat berries – you probably heard that Worlds Adrift is launching into Early Access. And in less than a month, no less! Which means you’ve only got until the 16th May to secure your status as a Worlds Adrift Founder… but what EXACTLY does that mean?


Founders is the name we’ve given our loyal crew of Pre-Early Access players. You guys have helped shape the vision of Worlds Adrift from day one; whether that’s by individually hand-crafting the world through our Island Creator tool, being the first wave of travellers to explore those very lands, or by simply believing in the concept of the game, itself!! And so, priding our playerbase above all else (well, maybe aside from the Friday beer fridge!) we made the decision very early on to reward you for both your loyalty and faith, by putting together the three Founders Packs: Wanderer, Explorer and Captain.


founders packs from worlds adrift mmo pc game


Each boasting a selection of limited edition items – from headscarves to sail sets, flags to figureheads – they’re the perfect way to let future communities know that you’re one of the originals… that the world they’re now inhabiting is in part, thanks to you. With this in mind, the Founders Pack will no longer be available – by hook, by crook, or by any other means at your disposal – once we enter Early Access. We want to keep these exclusive items, well, exclusive, right?


And so, for the first time ever – despite being one of our most frequent requests – we’re now giving you the ability to upgrade from one pack to another. We realise there’s plenty of players who gave Worlds Adrift a chance (and we salute your intrigue!) by perhaps buying the Wanderer or Explorer pack, and have since wanted to take advantage of one of the more advanced bundles. So if you’ve always had your eye on the Founder’s helm, or have long fancied the prospect of finding your own name in the game (more on that soon!), then now’s the time to act!


Current Travellers can find the upgrade option here under the original packs – and if you have been with us on this journey, let us know in the comments below what being a Founder has meant to YOU!


See you in the skies!