Hey everyone,

As the year is gradually drawing to a close, we’re looking at the journey Worlds Adrift has taken throughout 2017. It’s certainly been a mad and exciting one for us as a studio, and many of us have some fond memories during our own playtime.

But what about you, our players? We see plenty of amazing in-game creations like bridges built from ship parts…

…or a massive skyway that spanned two islands…

…or ships shaped like pumpkins…

…or turkeys…

We’ve enjoyed watching a multitude of videos featuring epic battles, funny accidents, and plenty of Manta murder (for both sides).

We’ll admit that things haven’t always gone to plan this year, and although we can’t change that, we’re working hard to ensure the problems we’ve encountered in 2017 do not repeat themselves next year, or indeed, any future Bossa title.

Despite these issues, though, you folks kept doing things with the game we ourselves would never have imagined, and it’s been great witnessing so many of you experimenting and having fun with it.




Here’s What We’d Like

We’d love to collate all of these memories you’ve had this past year and make something really special with all of them.


Here’s what you can do

Send them in! We want anything and everything! We’re asking for video clips, stories, GIFs, pictures, whatever you have to recant the story that is Worlds Adrift in 2017. You can add them to this forum post, or email them directly to the team at: [email protected]


Get them in to us by Friday the 8th of December!