Hey Drifters!

Jack here to talk to you guys once again about the characters of Worlds Adrift, and more specifically their clothing.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been busy working on the first set of customisation pieces for our characters. This set includes starter schematics as well as schematics that can be found in the world (some rarer than others).

For the starter schematics the aim was to create a set of clothing pieces that looked cool, but felt like the simple trappings of a traveller just about to begin their adventure. They’re a combination of flowing makeshift ponchos and leather-belts and straps to allow plenty of space to hang pouches and equipment off. This set will grow with time and I want to cover a few roles that I’ve seen you guys talking about in the forums. Pirates, engineers, traders, hunters and explorers should all have relevant clothing pieces to choose from at the start of the game but if they want to stand out from the crowd they are going to have to get exploring and discover new items. 


Clothing pieces can be found throughout your travels with the schematics being much rarer than the items themselves. Learning a schematic will let you craft the item as many times as you want and by adding optional dyes you will be able to customise your items further. The three types of clothing are head, torso and leg pieces and clothes will be wearable by either gender. As with all our systems we hope our customisation system will combine with our other systems to create some unique stories and emergent gameplay. 

Next up for me is the male character and getting all these pieces to work on him and then more hats, more hairstyles and more everything!

Jack @jackgood16