UPDATE (19.06): 

Greetings travellers,


Last Thursday, we humbly asked for your guidance to help us decide what would be the best next course of action.


We were really surprised that so many people took time to participate in the vote and the result is Option B won.


Full results:



What does that mean? The results of this vote means that this Tuesday 20th at 6pm BST / 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 7pm CEST there will be a new small batch of Founder’s Packs available for sale!


We are fully aware that the vote was a close result and you can rest assured we are working as fast as possible on delivering the first update to address some of the issues that were reported since the beginning of Closed Beta.


Thank you to everyone that participated and we look forward to welcoming a new wave of travellers tomorrow!



The Worlds Adrift team



Hello Travellers!


We know a lot of you are hammering your F5 buttons and are eager for any update or announcement about the next batch of keys, on upcoming patches, new features and all things Worlds Adrift, and we ARE listening to you very closely.


We’ve been hard at work trying to get all those horrible bugs you’ve spotted squashed, we’re working on the next patch, and we’re planning how to then further increase our server capacity when these things are in place.


At this point, the work ahead of us is still complex, and as such we don’t have a date we can confidently share with you as to when this will be completed just yet. Therefore, we decided to turn to the people we trust the most to help us make a decision about when to release our next batch – YOU!


We’ve always asked for your feedback/input and opinions on big decisions regarding the game. We originally asked if we should continue working on it, we asked what you’d like to see in Founder’s Packs, how we should monetise and sell the game, and about the actual features and mechanics of the game.


With that in mind, we have two options for you to consider and give your feedback on:

Option A:

  • We wait for the bugs we are addressing to be squashed, the next patch will be live and we will be ready to go with extra servers before we release more keys.
  • This will give everyone a better playing experience from the get-go and allow for even more people to be added in a bigger batch of keys.

Option B:

  • We can release a small batch of keys next week.
  • This batch will mean you will be playing the game in its current state BEFORE the next patch, meaning some of the bugs players are currently experiencing you may also experience.


We know that the Worlds Adrift community have always challenged us to make the best decisions we can, and it’s important to us to remain honest with you. Your decision will inform what we do next week and we respect your vote.


To have your say, vote in the Poll below before Monday 19th June at midday BST.




Thanks to everyone for your amazing support during this time and we look forward to working with you all moving forward to create the game we all want to play.


See you in the skies.

Worlds Adrift Team – Bossa Studios