When you think of skyships, your first thought may be of puffy white clouds and a bright blue sky, the endless horizon and the wind at your back.

But in Worlds Adrift, it won’t always be smooth sailing. In addition to the creatures being a constant danger, the world will also be filled with storms and weather patterns that you’ll need to bypass. From the windrifts blowing your ship off course and keeping you from reaching your destination, to the imposing stormwalls capsizing your ship, we have big plans for the role of weather in Worlds Adrift.

We’ve talked a lot about how huge the world will be – miles and miles of space. But that space won’t be just one endless expanse; there will be zones with their own biomes and environments, and, made up of many zones, huge regions. Surrounding all these different areas will be weather barriers that will take a toll on your ship, your fuel and your resources.

The first real weather barrier you’ll come across is the windrift:


These waterfalls of air may not do much damage to your ship, but if you try to head in without strong enough engines or wings to fight through, you will find yourself pushed back and, if you’re not careful, crushed down into the death clouds below.

Traversing through the stormwalls will be an even riskier affair:


Stormwalls will batter your ship around like a toy, splinter the hull with lightning bolts and spit you back out far away from where you wanted to go – if you don’t lose everything in the effort.

In the future, we’ll show off some other, much more exotic weather systems, but one thing they’ll all have in common is the “soft” gating they represent. We don’t want a binary check that players either succeed or fail at; flying through a storm will require excellent piloting, good preparation, and will always take a toll, no matter how experienced you are as a player or how well you’ve built your ship. It wouldn’t be Worlds Adrift if we didn’t have the unpredictability and tiny nuances of physics or the emphasis on player skill over game stats.

We hope these storms give an indication of the sense of scale and awe we want players to feel. This is not a world scaled down to accommodate the player. It’s not begging to be tamed and made familiar. The sky has a life of its own, that the player must understand if they hold any hope of seeing more than a tiny corner of it.

So build your ship and take to the skies – but batten down your hatches and fly safe!