Today has been a long time coming.

Three years ago, we held a game jam twice as long as any we’d ever done before, and that little bit of folly allowed the magical, ambitious idea of Worlds Adrift to capture our imagination. In December of that year we shared our dream with you, our community, and you assured us it had captured your imaginations as well. We opened the very first Alpha playtest a year later, with just a hundred or so invites.

Fast forward another year and a half, and we’re now releasing the game into Closed Beta.



The game isn’t complete yet – there are things we talked about even during that game jam that are still to come – but we want to take the next step forward in the development of Worlds Adrift. We’ve always tried to share with you guys what we’re doing, what we’re thinking, and what’s to come. And we’ve always tried to fold your feedback and suggestions back into that process. That back and forth dynamic is the way we want to make games, as a studio – it’s the only path we can see by which a small company like us can dream big and make the kind of games we want to make. Over the last two and a half years, that gamble has paid off immensely as you, our players and fans, have encouraged us and steered us and supported us.

So we feel that this is the right time for us to expand this community, and bring in more amazing players as we continue to drive this game towards the vision we have for it.

We’ve said it before, but it’s as true now as it has ever been: we can’t thank you guys enough for joining us on this adventure. I guarantee there will be crazy things to come in Closed Beta and beyond, but we wouldn’t feel so excited if we didn’t know we had you, and all the new players coming in, along for the ride.

Thank you, from all of us, and see you in the skies!