Worlds Adrift MMO Halloween Island Competition


Ahh Halloween, that blessed time of year when we have absolute carte blanche to add something decidedly spoopy (and only very loosely lore-tying) to Worlds Adrift. This time round? Thanks our latest update – the Pumpkin Patch – those with a nose for loot will be able to sniff out a pretty darn terrifying satanic goat mask (we, ahem, kid you not!), a Jack-o’-Lantern themed… um, lantern, a few time-limited potions, and last but not least, some black and orange material dyes! But what good is Halloween without at least one shoehorned (or should that be goat horned?) competition, eh?!


Using the free Worlds Adrift Island Creator tool (shameless plug: each and every one of the 300 gorgeously intricate islands that make up the world of Foundation was made by a member of the community), we want you to create a Halloween-themed island, based on one of the following (if not all three!) themes…


1. House on the Haunted Hill

2. Purgatory

3. The Abandoned Carnival


But sky pirate that you are, what about that glittery prize we hear ye’ ask? Well… all entries will be reviewed by our illustrious production team, who’ll not only be looking for flair and creativity, but something that would thematically fit within Worlds Adrift. As well as being added to the world, the winning island will be lovingly transformed into a wall-worthy watercolour by our eminent in-house artist, Dan Lish, for you to keep! Plus, we’ll also present the winning entry, as well as two runner-ups, with one of the aforementioned (and in very much limited supply!) goat masks.



To enter, simply jot us a link to your island in the comments below by midnight on the 1st November, and if you’re in need of a little inspiration, then check out ya’ boi Malford’s Island Creator Guide here. Good luck, and Happy Halloween!