Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions on these features. We’ve been taking it all on board and are going to be making some adjustments to remove potential exploits and simplify some of the more confusing parts.

First off we’re thinking of separating the 2 forms of “transporting” around the world:

  • Reviving – As it works now. Death means you can spawn on a reviver or revival chamber and keep the contents of your belt.
  • Teleporting – Crew beacon and switching your active reviver is now considered a teleport. This method will not take the contents of your belt with you.


Personal Revivers works as they do now and once you’ve built and registered to a crew reviver you can use it to choose your active reviver.

Switching revivers will initiate a teleport and a cost in shards. Crew members can make the switch for you and you will have the option to confirm or cancel the switch.


Original Post

Hello fellow travellers, Luke here to talk about some new features that are designed to give players more freedom while playing the game and allow smoother ways to meet up with friends and new crew members. So once again we’re giving you a peek at what’s to come to get your thoughts and feedback!


Crew Beacon Revamp

We’re looking at making some changes to the crew beacon that should make sticking together a lot easier for crews if you get split up or shipwrecked, while maintaining its primary purpose of letting new players start the game together.

The crew beacon will still allow you travel to the nearest revival chamber to your crew leader, except it will come through a respawn, and will unregister you from your personal reviver. The plan is that you’ll able to crew beacon to any crew leader who is in a Wilderness biome, but in order to beacon to any other area of the world you must have visited personally sometime in the past. Eventually, after you’ve travelled the world, you’ll be able to use the crew beacon to travel anywhere that has a revival chamber. The crew beacon will still retain its lengthy cooldown.



New Ship Part: Crew Revivers

Crew revivers are a new type of reviver that crew members will be able to register to if the crew leader has already done so. Players can register to both a crew reviver and a personal reviver, but the personal one will always take priority unless deactivated or destroyed. Leaving your crew will automatically remove you from the crew reviver.


Your crew may never agree to a fish ship, but now you can have your own for solo play!


To illustrate it better, let’s say my crew is about to log off, but I want to continue playing without risking our crew ship. I would log out with everyone (allowing the ship to despawn) and then on the character select screen I’d choose to re-activate my personal reviver. When I enter the world now I will log in my the ship with my personal reviver on it and continue playing.


UI mockup


If my crew are ready to play again a few hours or even days later they will log in on the crew ship. By interacting with the crew reviver, and spending atlas shards based on how far away my personal reviver is, they can respawn me at the crew reviver and deactivate my personal reviver. My personal ship would then log out.


Your Feedback

Like my last blog post we now leave it to you lot to give your feedback and ideas about these features. We’re hoping this opens up a lot more ways to play and allows you to safely play as a group and as a solo player when you want to. However, this does add additional complexity and rules to the game, and might be confusing for new players; we’re open to your thoughts on whether this feature is worth it, and whether any of the tradeoffs could be done better.