Greetings Travellers,

We have another member of the community who’s experiences in WA are awesome and I wanted to share!

When did you start playing WA?

I started playing around January or February of this year I was eyeing the game for a second while looking for a game that I could really let loose and build a ship from the ground up.

Can you recall your most captivating/defining moment that made you think “I am sticking around with this adventure”?

I’d have to say it had to be the time that I had just built a new ship to try and challenge what is known as the box ship meta of this game. At the time I really wanted to test out how well one of my ship designs would work in a fight against a ship using the current meta so I joined a group of roughly three clans to hunt down a pirate who had earned a reputation hunting players new to the game in the lower tier sectors. We met up in one of the lower tier zones to get everyone aboard settled and ready to move out. I had just finished building my ship so I was a little late arriving but as I picked up some of our group I got word that the other ship we were using went down in a storm wall. The only ship left was mine and we had twenty-two people in our group thinking about it I said hey I’ll pick you guys up and we’ll just use my ship and so we put everyone’s reviver on my ship and set out to hunt for the pirates. we got word of what area they were in so we started on our way.

As we were going I divided the 22 people into 3 groups boarding party, engineering party and gunners. Boy was I excited I consider myself a shipwright in this game and nothing makes me happier than seeing a ship I designed being tested out fully to it’s limits. Break the gal in and bring her back to me so I can see what went wrong what went right what I need to improve. Here I was right in the thick of it I was gonna see how my girl would hold up in a fight and it excited me to no end. So imagine my disappointment as people started leaving whether it was because of work or school in the morning and than our prey logged off. So as our group of people dwindled from twenty-two to just seven we started debating to just call it a night and as we went through a sand wall into the next zone my screen shook as we were hit from cannon fire from a ship that was waiting for us to emerge from the sandwall.

I called out over discord for anyone who is left on the ship to man the guns and light him up. So we began a deadly dance across the skies broadsides ringing out from my ship cannonballs shooting through the skies either missing or striking home on the enemy ship. Their ship was faster and more maneuverable than ours. But because of her construction mine was more durable, the enemy was only hitting the upper Armor plating I had put on the ship she was holding up well under sustained fire. During the fighting one of the enemy managed to get on the back of the ship and started to salvage our engines one of our crew atlas pulsed them off our ship and into the abyss. I continued to weave the ship side to side. The crew I had running back and forth across the decks to man the guns as I called out which way I was turning sometimes we managed to pull broad on broad with the enemy ship the battle continued for awhile both ships battered and bruised I never got a good look at the damage we were able to inflict on the enemy ship but what glimpses I did get were of black smoke trails and fire coming from their engines. As we were fighting another ship had come into the zone and it seemed the enemy ship was trying to pull us toward them so using the better part of valour I decided to break off the fight instead of be pulled towards a fresh enemy ship and dove us back through the sand wall and the zone from which we had come.

In the end we lost the ship to the blight when we went to land at a island to repair the blight spawned and tore the ship apart piece by piece and as the winds of the blight died down they revealed just the frame of my ship laid bare with only her essential systems left core helm engines and gas tank with only one or two cannons left. The ship we had fought earlier had managed to repair and showed up at the island we were on to finish off what the blight hadn’t destroyed.

It turned into a full on battle royale around the bones of my ship as we fought to drive back the enemy and repair. Wave after wave they came at our ship timed explosive tearing away at what decking we had left cannon shells tearing into our shipyard and the exposed frame of our ship we managed to get airbourne and escape the cave but the damage was done with no plating to protect the ship or her components I dove for the abyss trying to sneak away in the clouds above it’s maw but all for not as our core was finally destroyed and the ship settled into the abyss after putting up a grand fight. Though the enemy had put up a valiant fight as well I give the victory to the blight.

This fight is one I’ll remember for a long time and was a thrilled to be in. I have to thank the Harbormen and Altivolus Aquila for allowing me the opportunity to test my ship to her limits and join their clans on their hunt.

What do you get up to in real life?

Well, I was a Combat Engineer in the Army Until I fractured a L4 vertebrae. So right now I’m a stay at home Dad of three beautiful kids. Two boys one is six and the other will be one on April twelfth and one little girl who is going to be four May tenth. I like to build models and I play a lot of video games with my wife in my spare time.

What other game favourites do you have?

I usually play games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Galactic Junk league as well as some other games but lately I’ve been playing Worlds Adrift and another game called Out of Reach.

What’s your tip to a new player?

Scan everything and gather all the knowledge nodes you see. In this game as in life knowledge is power also find your self a good friend to play with. Beyond that if you ever see me give me a shout I’m always willing to lend a hand in designing a new ship or two. May you always have a tailwind and sunny skies, See you up there.