player showing off pioneer pack items in pc game mmo Worlds Adrift


Last week, we discussed what it meant to be a Founder (our dedicated group of Pre-Early Access players), and reiterated the fact that the three Founders Packs currently on sale – Wanderer, Explorer, and Captain – are ONLY available until the 16th May. This is to ensure that the limited edition items they contain remain exclusive to our early adopters, as a way of saying thank you for your support, and is also why, for the first time EVER, we’re now allowing you to upgrade from pack to another (again, only until the 16th). But as exciting as that is, it’s now time to reveal the NEXT SURPRISE we’ve been storing up our grapple hook-encased sleeves…


Enter: The Pioneer Pack


From May 17th (aka our Early Access launch day), we’ll be replacing the three Founders Packs with two new Launch Editions: Standard and Pioneer. Both include the highly-coveted Drissian Pistol, but that’s where the similarities end, my friend. You see, the Pioneer Pack also includes a matching Drissian Cowl (and believe me when I say you’ll never want to take it off!), the Figurehead of Alkabar (cos hey, why shouldn’t your ship also get a piece of that all-eyes-on-me action?), and a totes drool-worthy Lightning Bug Lamp to help you light the way for new players! (I’ll see myself out…)


player showing off pioneer pack items in pc game mmo Worlds Adrift


But the best part of all?


As you know, Worlds Adrift is a joint achievement, which is why we created an entirely new genre of game – the Community-Crafted MMO – so that we could label it as such! But as well as broadcasting your accomplishments – whether that’s by celebrating your creations as we did with our recent Island Creator montage, or by highlighting your hilarious in-game experiences as Oliver Age 24 and Ryan do in their latest video – we want to thank you for those efforts, too.


Which is why we’re giving each and every Founder – whether you’re a Wanderer, Explorer or Captain – ALL of the Pioneer items, FREE of charge. They’ll just appear, as if by magic (don’t tell the dev team we said that though!), in either your stash or schematics list on launch day, ready for you to flaunt to the future community… along with all those lovely Founder items that by then, will no longer be available!


pioneer packs items for worlds adrift mmo for pc


…which reminds us; if you ARE planning to upgrade your Founder pack to either an Explorer or Captain, you only have until May 16th to do so!