So… we have four events happening this week!!! (2 mini within 2 MAJOR.)


Ship Parade (aka Blight Parade) / PvP “Skylord” Event

Event details:

Date: Wednesday, March 21st at 4pm EST / 8pm GMT (previously 3pm EST)

Location: US Server, K5 The Lighthouse, then K6 Floating Core for PvP


What we doing tho?:

Parade: Starting the Parade at 4pm EST / 8pm GMT in K5, over The Lighthouse. If the Blight doesn’t end up nipping at our heels (if the blight does interrupt – race the Blight!), we slowly make our way to storm the Windwall together! Survivors of the Windwall will travel through to the PvP Area of Floating Core K6. If you do not wish to participate in PvP – Stop at Lonely Cottage and scatter!

Mini-Competition! We will be holding a Best Lookin’ Ship competition afterwards – so pimp it, and pimp it gud. Post your best shots on this thread! We want to see The Sun itself parading through and escaping The Blight. Or not…

“The Skylord” PvP Event: Commences over the Floating Core K6 Last ship standing over the Island will be titled “The Skylord”.




IMPORTANT: Melt-the-Servers Event

Date: Thursday, March 22nd at 5pm GMT

Location: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Map:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For the Update the servers will go down on Thursday at 2PM (GMT) and we estimate to bring them back up in two hours, giving you time to update the game and join to help us Melt-The-Servers!! We will be kicking off at 5PM (GMT) along with the stream.

“Melt-the-Servers” is our invitation to all Travellers to jump into the game and just play like you normally would in on a New Map – craft, explore and unite with your fellow Travellers.

This is to help us see how many players the servers can currently handle at a time! Tomorrow’s blog post is all about why we do this. 🙂

Bonus: Vince & Julia Stream – Hunt the Bossa Crew!

For our Thursday Stream we will be on the US server, and we invite you to participate in a little game! A team of Bossa employees will be flying around the new map.

Will you be able to find us in the uncharted skies?!

If you do find us AND manage to board us, we will have a little prize for you! Warning: we will put up a fight.


Calling all videographers!

We want every clip, video and screenshot you can muster of the upcoming events as we’re putting together a little something special! So please send everything to [email protected]!

Pro Tip: Press F4 to remove UI when screencapping! 😉

As always, see you in the skies!