And here we are: May 17th, one more bold step towards Worlds Adrift’s horizon. This date marks a new chapter in the game’s production story, one that will carry on for years to come as we continue to expand, improve, change and tweak Worlds towards its ultimate vision of a universe unlike any other before it, where the possibilities are limited by our imagination, where the players decide the future of the game at every step.

May 17th date establishes a different pace of change for the game, one that will see our team more capable to deliver on the features that form our long roadmap. We have never had a larger or more competent team than we do now, setting the stage for what’s to come and a better game with every new update. This date is not a destination, but the start of a journey that will see us releasing long-awaited systems such as the revamped Alliances and its tools, territory control, in-island puzzles, better server boundary crossing (no more elastic bands on the ships!) and so on, and each one of these will inch the game further towards its vision.

But even as a step in a journey, it’s not without its risks. Worlds is the first game to do many things: from its community-built world, to its massively multiplayer physics, there’s a lot in there that no one else has tried before. We’ve faced huge challenges in the past year through Alpha / Beta, but time and time again conquered them: Worlds Adrift has been made a better game with each update. All that said, we’re sure to have overlooked something.

Thus, in the spirit of open development, we’re hard at work on our Worlds Adrift Account login service that authenticates players and puts them into their right places in the game servers (this is one of our own, unrelated to Improbable’s SpatialOS). This system remains untested with the amount of players we’re likely to have at peak times, as no stress simulation can fully replace a real scenario. We’ve put a few safeties in place, particularly to be able to throttle players into the game in case things get too demanding, but in the unlikely case we have trouble with the system, we’ll fix it, and keep on improving things as fast as possible, in the best of Early Access spirit.

Worlds Adrift is an endeavour that will see a permanent state of evolution for years to come, as we relentlessly and constantly update and tweak the game following your experience with it. The next few weeks will be fundamental to set this into motion.

Buckle up, excuse us for the rough edges, and rest assured that whatever happens we’ll keep you posted at every step, and work non-stop to make things right fast!

Thanks for your incredible support and for helping us make this game for you. It has been a hell of a ride, and it’s about to become even more exciting!

See you in the skies,