Hi folks! I’m filling in for Tom who’s neck-deep on the Island Creator, thus I’ll be the good news bearer on his behalf (aka steal his thunder). The next update of the Island Creator will be quite different, and change the game in a fundamental way, thus why this post is not on the Island Creator forum section. 😉

With the next update, the IC will include gameplay features. This means that on top of creating wonderfully-looking places of lore, exploration and awe, the creators will also be able to weave gameplay within the islands. Initially this will be rather simple: a type of surface players cannot grapple on; dangerous spikes that hurt on contact; and automated turrets that seek and fire until cleverly disarmed. Over time it will be expanded with doors, switches, wires, power-sources and the like, enabling the construction of puzzles and mechanical engineering that will challenge the creativity and, when well used, go as far as creating minigames and game modes within certain islands.

There are three updates already planned (and the first being worked on now):

1. Basic gameplay: non-grapple surface, spikes and turrets;
2. The Kioki architecture, bringing in a whole new set of buildings and ecosystems;
3. Intermediary gameplay: switches, doors, wires etc. (this hasn’t been fully scoped just yet).

With the first update we expect to see some islands featuring skill challenges for players to reach their databanks and chests: how and where to grapple, how to avoid damage, lure turrets etc. It will give us the insight we need on what new features to prioritise for Update #3, what works and what is not quite as fun. That’s why in-between the gameplay updates #1 and #3 there’s a content one, aimed at enriching the game universe with a new culture unveiled.

For now, here’s Tom playing with turrets…