An ancient civilisation has been unearthed in Worlds Adrift. Known as the Kioki, this diverse and affluent nation prided themselves on the artistry of architecture. It’s now up to you – the Founders – to ensure their ways aren’t forgotten once more.

Kioki marks the second culture to be added to Worlds Adrift, and the differences between them and the Saborians couldn’t be more stark. A prosperous society, they favoured opulent surroundings, including brass domed roofs, intricate embellishments, and brightly coloured textures… not to mention, had a strange obsession with birds (you’ll see what we mean).

In order to accommodate these architectural changes, we’ve introduced a few new updates to the Island Creator, such as the ability to snap certain pieces together. This means grand and magnificent dwellings (as the wealthy Kioki naturally favoured), can now be constructed at a much faster rate. What’s more, because of the Kioki’s fondness for colour, their murals are multi-colored wall paintings rather than carvings like those of the Saborians, allowing for even more elaborate arrangements.


Kioki In-Game

So, when can we actually start exploring Kioki-styled islands, I hear you ask? Well, the Kioki islands will occupy their own regions in the Worlds Adrift skies, so we’ll need a sufficient number of islands to populate them.

The Kioki update is available now, and equates to approximately 450 new pieces to play around with in the updated Island Creator tool: we’re talking new chests, turrets, statues, lights, doorways, wall, windows, and… well, you get the idea. So what’re you waiting for? Create your new island now, and let’s get the Kioki biome populated as quickly as possible.

See how the Kioki update was created in our latest “Behind the Scenes” video: 

We can’t wait to see what you Creators come up with!