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Hey guys!

I’m going to do a write-up of todays stream. I feel a lot of important things were covered, and not everyone likes to watch videos (or has an hour to sit through it).

I’ll do a full write-up of what was asked, but also a TL;DR will be at the end if you just want the basics.
You can watch the stream here, if you prefer. Stream starts at 00:21:12

One note of admin. There was a number of times when Oliver read a question I couldn’t find in the chat, so I couldn’t direct-quote it or credit the person who asked. If you asked one of the questions below, feel free to let me know it was you and I can update. Also, anything in [square brackets] is either a comment from me, or an edit for clarification on something the devs said.


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Present situation with worlds adrift, and the future.
We’re gonna start by talking about what’s going on at the moment, how things are.
Ric: What’s going on right now, today – and the past few weeks, that’s affecting our amazing community

Herb: So, people who have been playing the game for the last few weeks now have probably noticed a lot of new bugs, related to lag – alot of people talking about the “helm bug” where sometimes you get kicked off the helm and no one else can grab it, and then your ship keeps flying into a stormwall or the abyss or something like that, and you end up losing it. So we’ve been working on this for a little while now, in the beginning we were calling it “dead zones” where a part of the world would feel like it was frozen. We’re not sure exactly if that’s the same issue, but right now we’re treating it all as this live urgent issue, so we’ve got a bunch of people working on it, so be assured that we’re throwing manpower at it. Improbable are also helping us look into this.

The best theory right now is they’re all kind of related to server lag – so the helm bug, for example, which is probably the most severe consequence of the underlying issue (because you end up losing your ship) is all because of the lag, the server doesn’t process it quickly enough, and you can’t grab your ship

Oliver: So a lot of the big bugs that people are seeing are side effects of this one thing?

Herb: We’re not 100% certain – we’re still digging into everything, but the best hypothesis right now is they’re all consequences of the server being overloaded. We’re not really sure what’s causing the overload – we have a bunch of theories; one is that the metal scrap deposits were overloaded, they weren’t cleaning up and were accumulating, overloading the servers… but there’s a few things. For example, Darat (the US server) is by far the worst.
[They’re interrupted as chat notice that Oliver’s shirt is invisible thanks to the magic of green screen!] Darat is the one which has the biggest problems right now; people on Darat see the most issues with lag. Darat is also one of the less populated servers, so it’s not really [got] a bunch of stuff on the server slowing it down. There’s something that’s “broken” about it, which we’re trying to get to the bottom of. So we’ve been investigating for over a week now*, geting more and more people onto it. If push comes to shove, we’re going to have to do some drastic stuff, like redeploying internally – every version of the game that we’ve put out and going backwards one by one, to find which version broke it – although currently, it might be that nothing broke it exactly, and it’s just been a hidden, broken issue underneath for a while now, probably since EA launch and it’s gotten worse and worse, and somehow it’s extra bad on Darat

[*It’s actually been about 2-3 weeks for this specific lag issue, and a lot longer for the original “Dead Zones” which may or may not be related]

Oliver: So are you seeing the same problems on each server as well? or is it just Darat

Herb: The issues are on all servers, but it’s worse on Darat, which indicates it’s not an even thing, the game is just in all situations getting worse. So we’re looking into it. Rest assured, we’re doing everything we can.

[Some irrelevant chat about twitch as one of Oliver’s personal stream fans raids the channel] [Oliver prompts viewers for questions]

Herb: Also, I want to mention – if you guys have extra information about situations where it’s extra bad, or where [in the world], we’re always looking for fresh information, so you can send a ticket or post in the megathread in the bugs forum, which we can treat as the same thing. Put information there, or if you go on Discord, you can put information in the #live-lag-and-helm-bug channel. That would be all really really useful for us – so thank you guys for doing that.

[More green screen memes. Oliver and his memes..]

GreyMaiden: Are there any plans to implement any social tools beyond those tied to the alliances?

Herb: Yes. So the Alliances update will be coming soon, first on the PTS and then after that to Live – and we’ll see how that goes with the social tools tied into that. Afterwards, we have some ideas on how to allow people to form more social groups and communicate and trash talk eachother and stuff like that.

Lilithiium: How often is the F2 feedback system used?

Herb: A lot!

Oliver: So what happens with that on our end? They leave the feedback in that system, and then…?

Herb: It sends it to our internal database, and we read through it and see what the biggest issues are that people are complaining about.

Oliver: So that goes to QA, or the coders?

Herb: It goes to QA.

[For those unaware; QA are in charge of finding and reproducing bugs and issues. They tell the coders this information, and coders then perform the actual fix.]

GreyMaiden: Are they any plans to re-examine the gameplay loops associated with ship loss?

Herb: Yes; definately. So we’ve talked about this before, I think we’ve done a stream on this and talked about the blueprint system, which is letting you rebuild your ship. If you save your ship, it won’t save all the materials and everything – but it saves the layout. Then, when you do lose your ship you can load the layout. You still have to build the parts individually, but if you build an engine for example it’ll snap into the spot where the blueprint had an engine. Hopefully it’ll make the ship [re]building process a bit quicker.
Luke and the designers are also thinking about other ways of allowing you to not lose all your stuff when you lose your ship. I don’t want to get too specific about it as I don’t want to overpromise, but they’re thinking about ways to stash away materials and stuff.

frozenwatters: Are all improvements on hold until the underlying lag issue is resolved?

Oliver: Maybe you could talk a little about how we split the team?

Herb: So we can’t literally throw the entire code team onto this; it wouldn’t even be that useful*, but we are siphoning people away [from other tasks] – unfortunately it’s what has to happen. we’re siphoning people away from feature development onto these live issues, but other people are working on things for alliances especially and this next update, some people are working on the tutorial zone and other features that are on the roadmap.

[*It would be a “too many chefs in the kitchen” situation. Multiple people working on the same section of code could cause more issues than it fixes]

shniana: Are there any plans to update/change ship building? For instance will we ever be able to rotate frames or the helm for larger variety of builds? Or ability to better sync wire frames for more symmetrical builds?

Herb: So that’s a little bit further away, but we want to completely rehaul the whole ship frame shaping stuff. We have a design document that’s been sitting there for a little while for how to change that whole system, making it a little bit nicer, for example adding a lever on the shipyard (either physical with E or just in the UI), and it would turn off symmetry. I think Luke had ideas for expanding the sections horizontally as well; right now you can expand vertically and length-wise, but you can only stretch it horizontally. If you could add sections horizontally [width-wise] you could make things like catamarans and all sorts of crazy shapes. That would also come with a rework of how panels work, we’re not super happy with the way they work right now. I think it’ll be more like how decks work.

GuffLord: are you planning on implementing in-game proximity voice chat?

Herb: So we’re actually investigating this, because nobody really does this, so we’re looking into it. It’s a bit of a long shot, because we put it on the backburner for a long time, but it is a really really important thing, and it would add a tonne to the game to be able to just talk to people like in other survival games. So we’re looking into it; no promises! There’s maybe some avenues that make it possible.

Ric: Is it worth talking a little bit about why that’s particularily tricky for us?

Herb: Sure; so in survival games you have 50-100 people or something on one server, and the worlds are about 25 square kilometers – significnatly smaller than ours. So everyone is just in one chat room, and who you hear is based on your position. The server will mute people who are far away, and attenuate the volume based on distance. We have the potential for 700-1000 and eventually way more people in one server, it’s a little harder to put 1000 people in a voice chat and mute people based on distance and it’s a little bit of a technical never-before-done thing.

Ric: I think it’s worth re-emphasizing that point, because one of the things that’s so special about Worlds Adrift is that scale – that massive amount of people per server, that’s an incredible, unique thing about our game and an experience that we’re trying to build and deliver to people. But, it’s a double-edged sword as well – it does introduce more challenges, and often we get questions like “its in this other survival game”, and we recognize that. We play all these games too, we’re aware of all these games and we’re all gamers ourselves – but it’s a really odd balance that we have to strike between doing something so large scale and unprecidented, from a technical point of view that excites us, while also having some of the technical challenges maybe some other games don’t have.

Fauzty: Does Bossa utilize regression testing of any kind? Is it pure waterfall project management or an agile shop? (I question either)

Herb: QA does Regression testing every day, so for those who don’t know regression testing is to make sure that some chganges that you’ve done hasn’t regressed the game in other ways – so if you fixed a bug before, and you added this new feature that changes some aspect of something, it doesn’t accidentally break something else. So that’s definately part of standard QA methodology in the games industry. As for waterfall or agile*, we use a mixture of both. We have a waterfall “we wanna do this, and then we wanna do Alliances, then Territory Control” then we slot in tutorial zone or what not, but then we also work on a Sprint schedule – so every 2 weeks we do a little bit of reprioritization and looking at what’s important, and how things have changed – as it’s a live game things change all the time, things that players have come out and said “you guys did that feature and it sucked”, so now we have to rework some plans [to address that] – so it’s kind of a mixture of both.

[Waterfall Project Management: Doing things in a set order] [Agile Project Management: Delivering things iteratively and incrementally throughout the project life cycle.]

GreyMaiden: It feels like the game was rushed to early access despite constant delays to important deliverables. Is the game, as a project, in trouble? Does Bossa have sufficient runway to see the roadmap to completion?

[Ric reworded this question a bit (I think the above is what he was referring to)]

Ric: Someone was asking about timing around early access and whether it was actually too early – I know a few people expressing that opinion, and what does it mean in terms of the project. This is actually something we talked a lot about internally, when the right timing was to release to EA and I think one of the things that was really important for us is… if you cast your minds back to really early days in Early Access [as a whole, not Worlds], one of the things we fell in love with as a format was it really allows us to get things into the players hands really early. If you remember super early games; things like Rust which I played a tonne of, in very early Alpha stages – I think that’s where we were when we launched into early access. We made a concious decision to put the game out and get feedback as early as possible.
Now, making games takes a long time, and we recognise that Early Access is changing and evolving, and peoples expectations are evolving with that. I know there are people who are frustrated that the game isn’t as far along, or doesn’t feel as robust as maybe some of our compatriots – certainly ones that have come out in the last year. But to that, yes I say we really wanted to capture some of that early magic with Steam Early Access, and get people involved early, and help us make it by breaking it.

Oliver: If we hadn’t of release when we released it, and kept it quiet and released it now, it wouldn’t be the same game as it is now having been shaped by the community.

Herb: We’d have to redo a lot more, because you guys told us what sucked a lot earlier, and that saved us a lot of time. We threw away stuff, and “oh no lets not do that, they said this stuff sucks” so we had to change it, and that’s the way we want to see Early Access and this community development.

Ric: and I think that’s personally exciting to us, where players can make pretty big decisions regarding the future. We talk about big changes coming in the game around PvP and PvE servers in the futre, and these are big massive pivots in the game that really is based on-

Herb: Are we talking about [PvE] now?

Ric: If we’re not, we are now! -These big pivots, these things that we’re looking to do for the future of the game, are really based on things that we see internally, but we also want to include the community as well, to help make these decisions for us. What I’m saying is that as Early Access has changed, I think there are fewer and fewer games that offer the community that oppertunity, while a lot of EA games released now are effectively done and people can do little tweaks… what’s special about Worlds is that actually there’s an oppertunity to get involved a lot in some of the much larger decisions actually around the future of the game.

Savage0gre: I KNOW ITS ONLY COMING DOWN THE ROAD BUT, Is the unarmed combat going to include other moves such as leg sweeps, grabbing, uppercuts, anything like that?

Herb: We haven’t really thought about leg sweeps, I have to be honest on that one – or upper cuts. I think unarmed combat, the current design at least, is a very simple one. The original design was whatever you were holding in your hand, you can whack people with it – so the gauntlet would work; you could switch to that, and press F to smack somebody with it, and that would stop them from salvaging stuff and things like that. We don’t have a fully Street Fighter-esque melee combat system.

Ric: Soul Caliber Worlds Adrift edition confirmed!

Herb: I know with weapons the designers want to have a more Jedi Knight style system, but that’s also got [???]

Oliver: Maybe one day!

baapbot_fyry: I wanna slap someone to death

Herb: It’ll do like 5 damage

Ric: It’ll take a lot of slaps!

ahowarddroid: Did they talk about sky whales yet?

Herb: No, but we can!

Oliver: so they’re quite far away?

Herb: They’re quite far away.

[If you clicked the Sky Whales title in the contents with sheer excitement, then I apologise.]

vallenshield: any intent to improve late game game play?

Herb: Yup. That’s super-important! In the run-up to our Early Access release, we were really focused on making sure that the player-vs-player metagame worked really well. We worked on the progression towards that – cannons and everything – that whole experience, because that would lead us into Alliances and Territory Control. One of the philosophies this game was built around was players providing the content and goals for themselves – politics, stories and so on. That’s the kind of stuff that for us we remember the most when we play older MMOs and stuff. So that was our focus, and I’ve forgotten the question…

[“I KNOW ITS ONLY COMING DOWN THE ROAD BUT-” has become a chat meme. Everyone is now saying it before their questions, much to Oliver’s amusement]

Herb: No but I literally forgot the question…

Oliver: [Chat’s] going really fast! [his excuse for he lost it and also forgot]

Oliver: LATE GAME!

Herb: so that was our focus for a long time, but we’re also now thinking about increasing or working on features that are less for the PvP metagame, so we’re adding more content to the game, we’re working on more cooking recipes for example, more ways to interact with clothing cosmetics – you’ll be able to craft them, and dye your clothing. These kind of things increase the amount of stuff to do in the world and find/discover, and hopefully that will also tie back into the player community with things like trading.

[Sky goats]

Herb: There’s something about sky goats..?

Ric: I’d love to have Sky Goats in the game!

Oliver: That’s what I’m waiting for!

[As with Sky Whales, if you came here from a contents click, I am sorry. I too would like more information on Sky Goats…]

[Question wasn’t found]

Oliver: Do we have a rough estimate for when this next update (Alliances stuff) will hit?

Herb: So it’ll have to be on the PTS first; we’re working hard on that right now. There’s some stuff we’re doing that’s new and we’re running into some unforeseen issues, and so we’re working with Improbable to resolve those. Hopefully the PTS will come this week, maybe – and then we’ll see when the update drops. We did have to reassign some people to the urgent Live issues, so I don’t have a specific date on that right now. But hopefully this week for the PTS.

Oliver: Is there anything we haven’t covered that you wanted to cover, before we…

Herb: Actually I wanna be here while we talk about it

[Foreshadowing intensifies]

Oliver: So I’ll ask the question and we can ease into the second half of the stream.

Someone said, what’s the next big feature that we could be working on? Which leads us nicely…

Ric: I kind of already alluded to it earlier, around the PvE/PvP servers. I think it’s something that we’ve thought a lot about, something that we’ve discussed with the Community Cloud Council as well.

What we’ve done really is spent a lot of time and energy in the last few years looking at ways to really make as many people as we could happy. We had people who loved the PvP content, and people who loved the PvE content, but it’s very challenging to make everything play nice and everyone be coheisive. So what we’ve done is we’ve looked to the community, we’ve looked at what things have worked well on other titles, and what we’ve really thought about is that we really want to make Worlds have a place for everyone, where everyone has options. If today they want to play in one way, tomorrow they might want to play another way – they can pick and actually grow as well. Maybe in the beginning you don’t want to be attacked, you want to have a relatively tranquil experience while you’re trying to grow your ship, but at one point you might feel up to some more combatitive PvP content. So what we’re trying to move towards is more player choice in that regard, and actually in a crazy but awesome way, by giving the players more choice, it actually means there’s a different kind of pressure on us. Instead of trying to spend so much time and effort trying to make all these things work for everyone, actually it means we can give you guys choices and options and then through your behaviours and what you like to do, you can tell us what you want in each server. It’s actually freed us up and allowed us to do some other things we’ve talked about on the stream already, like cooking, some of the progression stuff, clothing and so on. So we’re really excited about it, but we should say it’s something we are working actively with the community on. I did mention the CCC; please speak to the council members if you have some feedback! I can see the chat buzzing already with specific questions, there’s so much detail in here – I know some of you identify as a specific type of player, and you’re concerned about protecting that part of the experience for yourself. We’re aware of this as well, please give us feedback and we are listening; a tonne of it has already factored into the detailed design work that the guys are doing. Keep it coming, and do let your council members know your thoughts.

Herb: Just to clarify, we want to open a PvE server, where certain things will be turned off. By turned off, I mean the damage won’t work – if you shoot someone in the face they won’t take any damage, stuff like that. This allows people who just want to get into the game with their friends, build a ship, explore, find stuff, progress through the weather walls and not really worry about all the other stuff, a place to play Worlds Adrift. So that’s what we’re working on now!

[Another question I couldn’t find… maybe Oli was actually just asking these himself while staring at the screen in thought]

Oliver: So somebody is asking – they said previously we said we’d never do this, and now we’re trying to solve it. I guess they’re asking what changed?

Ric: I alluded to it before, we are an early Early Access game, meaning we have the oppertunity to take in information. Not only in terms of what we see on the analytical side, but also direct feedback from players – and make it the game the community wants. I think one approach is to sort of go away somewhere, work on a game for a few years and deliver this package that we think is perfect and hope that you like it, or do what we’re doing now; which is is actually asking you guys and constantly checking in. Sometimes, we don’t [need to] check in – you guys are very vocal and tell us what you think is good and what isn’t so great (and we love that). Giving ourselves the option to pivot and change I think ultimately will make the better game. And I think that’s actually what Early Access is really about – and certainly at Bossa, the spirit of making Worlds Adrift from the very beginning was involving the community and allowing you guys to steer the ship… I’ve just realised that’s a horrible pun.

maybe_roo: how different would the game be if the community had no say

Herb: It’d be super different! If we just developed the game internally, and released it now, there’d probably be a hundred thousand ways of griefing people, and exploits, and all that kind of stuff. The game would also be a little bit different in its vision as well, we’ve kind of adapted and embraced the communities participation in the vision of the game, and worked with that to direct Worlds Adrift to where it is today, and where we want it to be in the future.

oceserverswhen: When will OCE servers be announced, Could you add OCE servers to the road map

Herb: The argument for opening servers in Asia and Oceania or somewhere like that, like a dedicated server, has to be commercially driven. We have to see the demand. It’s not just that – if we open a server and there’s not many people playing on it, then it’s a sucky experience for the people on it as well. We want to be able to support it long-term, so once we progress the development of the game and it becomes much more fully-featured, and it’s got a lot bigger player base then we can consider it.

Ric: it’s definately on the [internal] road map, and it’s something we’d like to do – but as you can imagine in reality there’s a certain point where the scale has to justify the work and the cost. That’s a fact of life.

krystofperkey: Why hasn’t the broken motion blur been hotfixed out yet

Herb: So that is coming in the Alliances patch. It was actually due to the way developed this branch (, it was really hard to bring it into a hotfix for stupid code reasons that we won’t do again in the future. That’s unfortunately the reality of games development – but it’s coming yes. You’ll be able to individually turn off the motion blur and the zoom-in field of view effect.

Big, longer update

Oliver: Apologies if you guys have just said this while I’ve been reading the chat, but the other side of us working on the PvE servers is we’re going to take a little bit longer with this next big update. Because we’ve been trying to hit every two weeks [for updates], we’re going to take a bit of a pause and do a really decent size update, which will include PvE and hopefully some of the other stuff we’re talking about.*

Ric: I wouldn’t say a pause; it’s more of a re-shuffle on the prioritization of stuff. To deliver something big obviously takes more time, and what we wanna do as well is to make sure when we introduce something so huge for the game, which will be a huge change, that we do it right. The thing I’m personally really excited about is the PTS, when that comes in, it means that we can get so much more help and information from you guys/the community, and your view on the features.

[*This delay will come -after- the Alliances patch.]

Wolkenreiter83: PvE servers are gonna kill the game as it is 🙁

Oliver: If that’s what your current is mood is on it, let us know why you think that is. Then we can try and factor that into what we’re… [he trailed off and Herb took over]

Herb: The Cloud Council have also expressed this view. They’re worried that we’re going to fracture the player base. The goal of this is not to take the player base and split it up for those who want to play this, or play that; that’s definately not the goal. The goal is to bring in people who would love the game, and do love the game when they watch a video of it, but when they learn about how hardcore the game can be at times (especially for a new player), they’re just not interested. These players are not into full loot PvP and all this kind of stuff, and like Ric said in the beginning – we want to provide this experience which we think is pretty awesome; the exploration, the beauty of the world, all this stuff that we’ve worked hard on in this game and have players be able to enjoy that while playing the way they want.

[I’ve bolded that because I think it’s an incredibly important note to take on board. This isn’t just for existing players and isn’t designed to split you all in two – this is for new players, and for people who abandoned the game because of PvP.]

Ric: I think this is something that’s actually a really important point to touch on. Even this idea of splitting the player base; I want to dive into that a little bit. I don’t want to say it’s a myth, but I think there’s another way to look at it. If you idenitify strongly as being a particular type of player, I can see how that would feel that way, but I’m going from my personal experience. I like playing a variety of games, being in this job it also helps. On some days I like experiences that are more relaxed than others. I’m busier some days than others, that’s just a fact of life – and I think a lot of people actually do like to have that variety. Maybe one day they want a PvE experience, they want a casual experience to hang out with friends, but other days they might want to go full commando and just basically burn the world. That’s OK – and to be honest having that choice is an incredible thing, and it’s what I personally think is so amazing about games (unlike films and other media) is we have these amazing choices. I don’t quite see it as a split, I see it as “now offering more options for certainl people”. That’s my take on it.

Herb: Sethodine is coughing a lot.

Sethodine (Chat): how about a *cough* HYBRID SERVER *cough*

Herb: So this is something we talked to the council about; we haven’t really fully decided internally what we’re going to do on this, but the way we’re implementing the PvE server (which by the way will never be able to turn off physics, so there will always be a way to run somesones ship into someone elses ship – the game wasn’t built for PvE so it’ll only ever be PvE-ish). What sethodine is referencing is a hybrid server – which has a PvE ruleset for Wildnerness, Expanse and REmnants, and the badlands will be like the regular servers. So this is a proposal that we’re discussing internally and talking to the CCC about, that allows people to learn the game, play in a PvE way… and if they never want to PvP they don’t have to go into the badlands. They can trade with people who do want PvP, who go into the badlands and get the loot from there. It forms that economy and playstyle… there’s some downsides to this as well, but right now we’re implementing it in a way which would allow us to choose soon between full PvE or a hybrid server. So if you guys have thoughts on that, let us know!

WhiteFoX_X: What do you mean council ? ive never heard of this before

[There was a lot of chatter but it was basically just summing up this thread.]

Tutorial Zone

Herb: One thing I wanted to mention that’s also coming with the PvE update, is the tutorial zone. We’ve talked about that before, and that’ll hopefully smooth out the early game experience a little bit. It allows people to learn the basics of how their tools work, like the salvage tool and scanner – and how knowledge works, what databanks are and why you should look for them – the basics of that stuff, before they get into the world. So that’ll be on both the PvP and PvE servers. Even if you start on a PvP server it should be a little bit of handholding at the beginning to teach you the basics of the game, because Worlds Adrift is quite a complicated game in a lot of ways. No other game just… *splat noise* – you have four tools, there’s no instructions to build a ship or get off this island. We knew that from the begining but now is the time that we’re trying to work on that and help it flow.

Oliver: What is the chance of a wipe for the PvE update?

Herb: 100%. When that comes, there will be a wipe, and we’ll consolidate the servers. There will be one PvP server to start with on US and EU.

hybridv21: HARPOON GUN?

Herb: They were always in the plan, and we might actually take a look at it in the near future, and see if it’s maybe something we should bring right up to the top of the priority list. I don’t even know if they’re on the roadmap, because we parked it for so long – but if it isn’t, it should be, and it might be easier and less troublesome than we estimated a while ago, so we might do that sometime in the next few months. But no promises just yet.

Lilithiium: Does the game have mouse smoothing? Feels like it does.

Herb: I don’t actually know the answer to that question, we’d have to ask someone like Tom.

quickfingers (Tom, Chat): I’m here, about mouse smoothing: I think it does have a little bit of filtering, but its pretty minor, we can put a raw input mode in future if there’s a demand, but if you weren’t sure it was there or not, its probably not too bad 🙂

Loryenne: Will there be funiture in the game? Chairs, tablets, curtains, etc ? It would give a ship a feeling of being lived in.

Eternz (Luke, Chat): @Loryenne furniture is coming along with the pve update

Herb: So we’re adding furniture to the game! *mass cheering* There’s not too much to furniture besides they’re basically like railings – except we want to make it so when they detatch, they just break. We don’t want you to be like “I want to add this table to my ship, but if it gets broken it’s going to roll all around the ship” – so if it breaks, it’ll just splinter into pieces. You could think of it as it doesn’t detatch regularily, it only detatches at zero [health/remaining durability].
The extra special thing about furniture is chairs. You’ll be able to sit down, and it’ll feel like a cannon or helm, and you can just… chill out.

Glayce: Will we be getting a slow trickle of cosmetics like the figure heads and lamps, aswell as clothing coming out each patch or so? Its really fun to always have something cool to look for @BossaStudios

Herb: We’re actually discussing this, and we’re actually trying something a little bit different. We have been kind of just putting out a little bit of this, a little bit of that as we work on it – which yeah it does have that effect of “ooh there’s something new to look for”. We’re trying something new, which is bundling them in a thematic way – so for this PvE update, there’ll be a thematic theme [?!] to the clothing that gets released, and then there’ll be a special way to acquire them and stuff, so it’ll be more of a thing. We’ll try it out, and if it’s not good then we can go back to releasing a little bit at a time.

Ric: Short answer is yes, but we’re trying to make it a little more exciting and interesting for the next big update.

TheZiwix: Why is the Atlas compass listed twice in the roadmap?

Herb: [They are different things.] One is an ancient one that you find, you loot it, and then it’s already pointing somewhere and when you follow it to its destination, then you get some specific loot that you can’t get anywhere else – not in any of the loot tables or in the badlands or any other biome. The second Atlas Compass is one you can craft yourself, and put on your friends ship (or your enemies) and track its location. They’re different, but lore-wise they’re the same.

A_u_t_u_m_n: I want a telescope

Herb: I think we were talking internally about spyglasses… it doesn’t help with ship rendering distance, which is kind of why we haven’t done it – but it does help with [spotting] players running around on an island. We’re talking about it, it’s just we wish we could do the ship rendering distance thing at the same time, so all the sudden you could see someone who’s 2-3 miles away. But, we can’t do that for a long time unfortunately. So we might just do the spyglass or a telescope and have it work as it should.

jrsteelman: are there any plans for adding an economy or provisions for economy such as an auction house (like for mats or schematics) or maybe even trading posts with npcs or something? Gas seems like a pretty natural currency in the state of the game already

Herb: So we’re talking about how to implement trade in the game. I don’t think we’re going to do a world-wide UI auction house style thing, because that doesn’t feel very “Worlds”. In Worlds Adrift, we want the world and the geography to feel really important – we don’t want you to be able to teleport over here or fly there, it’s super easy and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. In Worlds Adrift, the original intention (we’ve kind of gone a little away from this), is that the world matters. So if you’re in this part of the world and you’re trying to get there, it’s actually quite a thing. It makes the world feel alive, and you have to go through other peoples territory, and you might have to negotiate or trade things away for the rite of passage, and we want people to care about their part of the sky. So we don’t really want something thats just easy.

Ric: We don’t want people to be trading with “us” – we want them to be trading amongst eachother. So the economy would be very much driven by player to player trades and interactions.

oceserverswhen: Question – Will you EVER implement crafting of multiple stacks of bullets/cannon shells

Herb: We were talking about this a while ago, and we might as well just talk about it publicly. We’re thinking of having some kind of list publicly of “little things” – because for us, it’s hard to tell what the priority of these little things would be, and then we’ll let you guys vote on it. That’s a great example of something that would be on that list.

Stormageddon_____: How do you guys feel about the thunderdome throwdown? Would you say it is the best event ever?

Herb: It was pretty cool to see people rolling and shooting and jumping and trying to… *shimmies*

GreyMaiden: Are there any plans for long-term storage for players?

Herb: That’s something I was alluding on earlier that the designers are working on; some way to save your stuff so that when you lose your ship, you don’t lose it all. Because right now, the meta is to clip your makeshift storage into an asset and leave it barely poking out so no one finds it, which is kinda cool in its own way, but maybe there’s a better way.

A_u_t_u_m_n: I feel so much better about WA right now , after this stream @BossaStudios the lag was getting me down. Keep up the good work.

Herb: Why are you reading it in a sarcastic way, I think he was serious!

Oliver: It’s just my voice! I have a resting sarcastic voice! It’s a real condition! [He sounded very sarcastic when saying this]

Herb: Thank you Autumn! that was very nice.

Oliver: if you’re enjoying these streams make sure to let us know! we want to be as open as possible!

[Missing question]

Oliver: Are there any plans for garages?

*discussion about what a garage is*

Herb: I don’t think we’ve talked about that. We kind of want you to have one home base – your ship. So if you log out, your ship will log out.

[Error 404: Question not found]

Oliver: Will we be getting instruments?

Herb: Yes! We’re talking about that again. We have a couple of different ideas on how to do it, I think we’re probably going to do something that doesn’t involve a lot of net code syncing – so it might sound great on your computer but on someone elses computer it might sound terrible. But then in the long run, we want to do a better system for how you can play music together and sync it up.

GreyMaiden: Are there any plans for non-combat ship components? Right now all our ship components are either about moving faster or shooting.

Oliver: So that ties into the furniture we were talking about, and decorative items

Herb: This kind of leads back to what I was saying before about this whole year being a leadup to Early Access and trying to focus everything on this PvP meta and stuff. We also have the problem right now, which is still int he game and being worked on, of ships sometimes being lost completely unfairly. Ships are somewhat disposable. I don’t really like the fact that one of the best pieces of advice for new players is “don’t get attached to your ship”… that’s not really in our vision. We want ships to be a little more… [durable?] Because ships are so disposable, no one would use furniture and other “dead weight” on the PvP server, so we want to get that to a better point where if you lose a fight, you can still hobble and run away, and so there’s still a reason to invest in your ship emotionally.

Ric: And make it your home!

TheZiwix: Any ETA on cosmetics store, or is that something we will vote on?

Herb: That’s not something we’re working on any time soon. We do want to do that, we know that everyone loves cosmetics and it’s always been in our monetisation plan. Ric had a forum post from about 2 years ago

Ric: It’s something that came up in one of our last streams too, and I’m excited that people are excited about this as well – it’s really cool that people are wanting to customize their character and obviously see how exciting it could be to get a bit deeper in terms of ship customization. So what we want to do though is to focus on the systems first, before we focus on the monetization, which is why we’re looking at clothing and dying clothes, and being able to invest more time into bespoke items for your character; and also the ship furniture. So once we get all this stuff out and get some feedback from you, then we can look at where we can take it next. Obviously as well, with the store it does take work just getting a store set up, and what we wanna do is focus on the game as it is today. We’ve come on the stream today to talk about the issues we’ve got now, and what we’re doing in the immediate short term. If we get the game to where we want it to be, and we’re very confident we will, then we’ll start looking at the store.

[Where’s the question, Oliver?]

Oliver: This game is going to dieeeeeeeee if you add PvE servers. You realise nayone with over 1000 hours PvP is your long term audience.

Oliver: So we don’t want people who have been playing the game for that long to stop playing the game. But also we want to attract new people in, and PvE will give more options for that.

Herb: If I didn’t klnow anything about the game, and I wasn’t working on the game, I’d probably join a PvE server and play it for a while. Depending on how it goes, I might then move over to the PvP server, because that’s currently the end-game for the feature set that we have now. [So basically PvE players might convert over when they otherwise wouldn’t buy the game at all – which means more targets for you guys to shoot at!]

Zoomafou: A lot of potential for interesting “stories” is often destroyed by players desire to constantly shoot each other instead of interacting in other ways. I see this constantly in games like Rust as they age. I believe in game systems are required to curb this, how do you guys look at this balance of freedom and rigidity at Bossa?

Herb: That’s a great question. It’s true, and this game can’t be about shooting people in the face all the time. That does turn it into a hardcore rust or whatever. So we’re working on that now, especially with the stuff we’re talking about with different ways of trading, different ways of interacting, alliances, all this stuff. But also it’s not just a mechanism to allow people to do this stuff more easily (or at all), it’s also about why you would do this – so things the designers are working (we’re spilling all the secrets today!) are like different resources in different areas. So for example, with the cooking recipes the different mantas and thuntomites and different biomes give unique resources. Then you can cook them, and when you eat this food it’ll give you different buffs. For example, if you eat a certain type of food you take less impact damage when swinging into rocks. There’s a lot of things we want to do to make different parts of the world more interesting, and to facilitate trade, and to give a reason for interacting with eachother in a non-shooty way. I think there’ also a reason for more veteran players to trade with newbies, than shoot at them. Right now a newbie offers you nothing but fuel and iron, but we want to make a reason to trade with new players

Oliver: So there’s loads of really good questions, but we’ve reached the end of the stream. So do we want to direct people to ask more?

Herb:so the forums are a really good place? Feedback and suggestions is a great place [or on this thread!]. I’m on Discord a lot, or there’s also the feedback system in-game. You can also talk to your CCC representatives who can pass feedback to us.

Oliver: If you’ve enjoyed the stream, let us know and we can do more of them!
[I will tack on here – if you’ve found this write-up useful, let me know and I’ll do write-ups for potential future streams too.]

The main sum-up, ignoring all the questions asked, is two things:

the lag is an ongoing issue that we are investigating. We would appreciate feedback and reports from players – you can either report in the Discord server (there’s a special channel for it), or send in a support ticket

PvE Servers are coming!
This is a big announcement, and there’s a lot of questions about it. I advise reading the AMA if you’re confused or have questions, as they may already be answered. The biggest questions, summed up:

I thought this wasn’t possible?
We can’t turn off the physics. People could still ram your ship, or drop panels on you. However, pistol and cannon damage will do nothing to players and their ships, and you can’t salvage enemy ships.

But this is a PvP game!
This is true. But, there’s a lot of people out there who don’t enjoy the game because of the constant PvP threat, or haven’t even bought the game because of this. By no means are we leaving the PvP crew behind, but merely expanding so that more people can enjoy the game.