What good is exploring a huge world of endless possibilities if you can’t do so with your friends? This is precisely what we were thinking! The Crew System allows you and four friends to easily group up and start adventuring together.

So how does it work?

The Crew System is very much like a group system from traditional MMOs, except it’s persistent; so sort of like a mini-guild. This is separate from Alliances, as Crews allow you to easily band together, whereas Alliances are big communities that don’t use this kind of grouping functionality. This particular iteration is our first pass on Crews that Alpha testers will be playing,  so certain things may be subject to change or have a bit of polish before actual release – the feedback that our testers provide us will be vital in this process.

So…let’s see how it’s all done!

Pressing TAB will bring up your character menu – there you will find a button labelled “Crew”. Pressing that will take you to the Crew menu where you can click “Create” to form your Crew.


As a Crew Leader you simply type the name of a player and hit invite. You will see the pending request take up one of your slots and are free to cancel it at any time.

Once a player has accepted the invitation you will have your first Crew! This allows you to have global chat to all members using /crew before any messages.

crew chat

Note: The ‘add slot’ options are potentially a way for players to increase crew size that we haven’t come to a decision on yet, as we want to keep the ability to easily meet up quite limited.

Finding your crew leader

If you have been invited to a crew you will get a chat notification and can head over to the crew menu to either accept or reject the invitation.


Once you’ve accepted you will get a couple of options at the top of the screen, one of which is the crew beacon. This is a limited one-a-day teleport that will transport you to the nearest revival chamber of your crew leader. They can either meet you there or you can simply explore the local area to find them!


Once you’re all set and everyone has met up you are free to chat over any distance and organise your ship building, exploring or pirating ways, it’s up to you to decide what kind of crew you want to be.

That was a brief look at the crew system as it currently stands, we hope it makes adventuring with your friends as quick and as easy as possible. 🙂