Greetings Travellers,

In continuation to last night’s post welcome to Day 2 of sharing our gifts…

Not only have we tweaked the existing metals across the board in Update 29, but also delivered something extra.  A common request from across the board was to increase material variety – and so, more precious” metals! 

New Metals 🤘


Moderately conductive, and resistant to stress, but weak to heat. Pale gold in colour.

Allegedly named after Orthosa – The premier of the Bandini in the late era. He is notable, for challenging the Saborians over the supply of Atlas. While this backfired, in principle, it made him a brave, rebellious leader.



Durable and resistant to stress, but not as hard as it appears at first glance. Has a light green sheen to it.

Allegedly named after Epilomelos – Founder of a unified Sabor in 559 against the raiding Bandians led by Alkabar. Epilomelos is widely considered the originator of the concept of Saborian communal and unselfish living, though many others were to follow in his footsteps.


Hard, tough, and resistant to heat, but poor under stress. Allegedly named after a famous Traveller who distinctly liked purple…