Awesome News – The Stubble Trouble Update – is dropping on Tuesday during maintenance (no wipe, we good)! Woooo!  

More Awesome News!

And we now have a Community Events forum section to help y’all keep your events under one section: BOOM!

Use the powers wisely.

And More Awesome News!

We’d also like to introduce you to a new and awesome member of the mod/helper team – a Scribe! The Scribe tweets from a very dangerous universe and interviews pirates in the skies.

The Scribe risks everything to log history of the early Worlds.

@ScribeAdrift – Give the new account a follow to keep up to date on the previous and current doings of the in-game politics, and to help answer the questions like: Who’s who in the skies and on lands? Who starts these wars? Who finishes them? What is the Age of Brutality? What was Freeport?

So, what have the devs been up to this week?

  • Implementing alliance radio (0.2.0)
  • Texturing Kioki-specific engines for 0.2.x
  • Fixing crew system bugs. No longer “crew 4 lyfe”
  • Many bugs for 0.1.12 (too many)
  • More for 0.2.0 (not so many)
  • Including new chest spawning animations along with new VFX from Jason (0.1.12)

  • Working on a new map for 0.2.0
  • Looking at people’s islands
  • Kioki revival chamber for 0.2.0
  • Chat relay
  • Finding and fixing or avoiding bugs
  • Improving bots used in automated load testing
  • Fixed wind VFX, fixed bug on chest and container VFX timer
  • Added VFX when crafting item with crafting station
  • Making placement shader more opaque
  • Making secret art for the cinematic intro for new players!
  • Finalising sneaking/crouching/rolling.
  • Syncing current sky and atmospherics to island creator.
  • Finished up the emote system : 


So, pretty rad, right?

Did you know that there’s stream happening today as well? In fact, really soon (at 5pm BST) –

As always, see you in the skies!