Lofty captains!

I’m Jeremy Hogan, Systems Designer on World’s Adrift and a new voice on the blog.

I got the nod this week because we have exciting news! We are ready to unveil something we’ve been working on for a long time; a system, which will underlie all your future travels and travails in our segmented skies… the Biomes!

Fans of the World’s Adrift Island Creator will know that the islands of our exploded world are not all created equal. Some boast titanic ruins, others eerily quiet towns that once hummed with life; others still are nothing but expanses of baking dust decorated with protrusions of weathered rock. What do these diverse destinations have in common, other than being made by talented island makers like yourselves of course? They all have a natural home in our four Biomes.

When the clouds part on our upcoming Alpha 6, you’ll begin your journey in the Wilderness, an idyll of gentle creatures amidst bountiful forests:


As your first skyship rises above the foliage, your ambitions too will soar, and you may cast a curious glance through the wind wall to the sleepy villages of the Expanse:


Only after plundering many a forgotten settlement, will you have the equipment (and the gumption) to tackle a storm wall and even then, you may fail. But one day, you will rest and repair your battered ship in the Remnants:


And there your journey will end. What more can a sane man hope for? You might hear legends of a desert beyond the sands – you might even meet a deranged skysailor, who swears on his mother that he’s been there, but who would risk a trip to the Badlands?


This is only the beginning for our drifting worlds; as we develop them, they will grow further apart and one day, you may discover others. But even now, you will find that each has its own character and the risks and rewards of travelling between them will keep you pondering your next journey like never before. The islands, their animal inhabitants, discarded treasures from past eras, and the weather walls that guard them change as you venture ever further from your origin.

Farewell nomads, I’ll see you in the skies! If you have questions, I’ll answer them in the comments.