Beyond The Wall

January 27th 2017 · earlofmonkey

Lofty captains!

I’m Jeremy Hogan, Systems Designer on World’s Adrift and a new voice on the blog.

I got the nod this week because we have exciting news! We are ready to unveil something we’ve been working on for a long time; a system, which will underlie all your future travels and travails in our segmented skies… the Biomes!

Fans of the World’s Adrift Island Creator will know that the islands of our exploded world are not all created equal. Some boast titanic ruins, others eerily quiet towns that once hummed with life; others still are nothing but expanses of baking dust decorated with protrusions of weathered rock. What do these diverse destinations have in common, other than being made by talented island makers like yourselves of course? They all have a natural home in our four Biomes.

When the clouds part on our upcoming Alpha 6, you’ll begin your journey in the Wilderness, an idyll of gentle creatures amidst bountiful forests:


As your first skyship rises above the foliage, your ambitions too will soar, and you may cast a curious glance through the wind wall to the sleepy villages of the Expanse:


Only after plundering many a forgotten settlement, will you have the equipment (and the gumption) to tackle a storm wall and even then, you may fail. But one day, you will rest and repair your battered ship in the Remnants:


And there your journey will end. What more can a sane man hope for? You might hear legends of a desert beyond the sands – you might even meet a deranged skysailor, who swears on his mother that he’s been there, but who would risk a trip to the Badlands?


This is only the beginning for our drifting worlds; as we develop them, they will grow further apart and one day, you may discover others. But even now, you will find that each has its own character and the risks and rewards of travelling between them will keep you pondering your next journey like never before. The islands, their animal inhabitants, discarded treasures from past eras, and the weather walls that guard them change as you venture ever further from your origin.

Farewell nomads, I’ll see you in the skies! If you have questions, I’ll answer them in the comments.



31 Responses to “Beyond The Wall”

  1. Hamog Hamog says:

    Wish I got in alpha

  2. Hamog Hamog says:

    Any chance there is gonna be another chance to get into the alpha soon?

  3. droidsb droidsb says:

    Woah, sounds sick.

  4. jamesm2w jamesm2w says:

    Nice! Biomes are going to be such an amazing system and I am excited to see more as development progresses

  5. Lexhy Lexhy says:

    Biomes! Been looking forward to this for a while! great post with beautiful pictures. As always, can’t wait to get my hands on it in the Island Creator!

  6. Strite Strite says:

    Yay! Biomes 😀 Exciting.

  7. anihillator anihillator says:

    Cool! Gotta wait for it. So… Biome specific walls and loot? Awesome.

  8. Cirtoyt says:

    See this is what the game needs right now. I know a few guys in the alpha who aren’t on as much as me. Their reasoning is that after they made their ship, flown a bit, and got the main stuff, there is nothing else to do. I think having progressing biomes would really be good for keeping people pushing forward while developing rarer schematics and generally building up their interest with the game. I’m sure great economies of alliances will be built through the biome system. The more immersive you can make this game through allowing players to build up communities tied with stage based biomes, the more players will stick around for the longevity of the game. Just keep expanding the list of biomes and keep being awesome as always 😉 Loving the alpha, just waiting for those skywhales to fly around on!

  9. TheShadowSage TheShadowSage says:

    Can’t wait for the biomes to come out! I’m also curious about the clothing designs that are suitable for those types of climates. Also, is there a wastelands at the very bottom of the world? Like instead of having the parts fall down into nothing, can there be a wastelands down there filled with creatures and other unhabitable environments? I think it would add more flare to the Worlds Adrift in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

    • Skurneha Skurneha says:

      I think a wasteland at the bottom would be neat, so if you have a huge open sky battle with someone, they can’t just bomb the ship and send all the loot into the oblivion. You should only be able to be there for a limited time though, or you’ll start to die.

  10. AceBaron AceBaron says:

    Do the different biomes represent increased difficulty or is it just cosmetic differences?

  11. TexPanda TexPanda says:

    Is there still a chance to get the alpha.

  12. Hoophy Hoophy says:

    Sounds like we may see new wildlife in alpha 6, or hopefully soon after.

  13. Synovus Synovus says:

    Excited for this update, it’ll really give players a sense of place within the massive open world. Looks like the snowy/icy themed region is underrepresented, guess I’ll have to get to work making some more snowy islands to help grow that region

  14. Daxperimenter Daxperimenter says:

    Love to play with critters in the Island Creator. Will this lead to farming and ranching? I mean REAL farming and ranching, not that hokey stuff they have in some games. And of course there will be dangerous wild animals, right? And some animals that produce milk, or eggs, or even excrete something that can be used as fuel or have some other value? Ooh, dangerous animals could supply venom for more effective weapons? I also think it would be neat if plant seeds could spread to islands with suitable conditions, maybe some of the animals could fly (looks like that’s already in the works) or drift through the air like ballooning spiders. Oh, and animals (including flying ones) that you could ride — WITH some realistic capturing, caring for, and training… more opportunities for crafting involved in all of this too — farm implements, saddles, cages… You’re already planning to have the geology such that it can be mined for valuable minerals, jewels, metals… yes? I think the size and shape and location of islands could determine both things like that and what plants and animals will (and won’t) grow and thrive there. I hope this will help make Worlds Adrift a game where there are truly different things players can do that they can enjoy and contribute to the game and to other players. I’ll be disappointed if it turns into a skyship PVP game.

    • Splez Splez says:

      Damn dude. That’s a lot of ideas in one post. Sounds awesome. I’m new here, but perhaps you could post this somewhere in the forums, but more detailed? It’ll be awesome to see some of these things come true. Especially the animal taming part, e.g. where you tame hostile creatures and be able to use them in travelling or combat.

      If you do happen to create a forum post, please link me to it! 🙂

  15. hoguean hoguean says:

    Hi everyone, this is Jeremy, thanks for all the encouragement, it’s great to read your ideas for the game, there’s some great ones in here. I can’t confirm any upcoming features but a lot of the suggestions are the sort of thing the team is discussing. We are looking forward to adding more mechanics and deeper systems in the future.

    To answer your questions about biomes, they are definitely not only cosmetic. Each is more treacherous than the last but with increased risk comes increased reward! As you explore islands, you will find different resources and items and learn knowledge, which will allow you to craft improvements to your ship. If you have designed your ship well and mastered flying it, you will be able to travel through the different weather walls that surround each area and discover what new challenges await you on the other side.

    If you’re waiting to get into the alpha, thanks for being patient, there will be another chance to join. Make sure you’ve registered at and tell your friends to do the same. You can also meet potential crewmates (and allies!) in the forums.

    • Panzercult Panzercult says:

      Good afternoon, sir. Thank you for the efforts for developing this game for our fun.
      I think making biomes with the different types of fauna, flora, loot and knowlege is the brilliant idea. But my opinion is that putting one biome in the locked area with the single tipe of surroundings inside (desert location, tropical location, moderate location etc.) is’n the best way to perform this idea. I think the better way is to keep all biomes which are exist in the game in every location bordered by the windwall or the stormwall. Down below dead deserted islands are located right nearby the melted core of a dead planet. Dead trees and no signs of animal life, including fuel eggs. Due to the heat of the melted core of the planet, air is incredibely hot and streaming upstairs and it lets the player easily gets higher and higher using the glider only. But yet you can’t survive even a few minutes so deep below, because atmosphere is poisoned with sulphur and CO2. You probably will need a crafted gas mask to breathe long enough to collect loot and knowlege and escape back high. Also heat is so high so it’s constatly damages the wooden parts of the ships. Only heavy full metal crafts can travel there with no consequences for its’ durability.
      Higher above there are tropical and moderate biomes where everything is “normal”. Moderate climate, reach fauna and flora, normal weather, air, flight conditions. General and relatively safe zone to travel and explore.
      The highest level may be kind of a frozen biome. Islands there are covered with ice and snow. Air at that altitude is so thin that it can’t handle the wings of the glider. Player will costantly falling down even with the glider with no chance to keep the altitude until he reaches lower layers of atmosphere. You might need the warm clothes and kind of heater mounted on your ship to travel so high in the frozen air. Heavy full metal ships can’t reach this altitude and it will tend players to build small and light ships of magnesium, aluminium and palm trees equiped with top tier atlas cores to explore and loot that region. Most creatures there are extremly dangerous at that biome, so player will need a good weaponry to hunt them and defend himseld and oxygen to breathe in a thin air. And as a higher level of detalisation – a sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun rays wich are deadly bursting at this altitude, the same as in real life.
      So that is what I expect from a real physics based game. And just placing biomes in a separated locations bordered with artificial walls of wind will turn this attribute of the game into another World of Warcraft looking MMO.
      Thank you for reading a bunch of my uncategorized ideas. Hope it will be helpful in making a perfect gameplay for us.

  16. Flenix says:

    Are these the final sets of biomes, or will more be added in the future? I’d love to see arctic biomes with snow storms, or swampy biomes for example

  17. LazerDuck LazerDuck says:

    Some thing that would be cool is if there was an area that only had a couple of islands but the islands have a lot of loot boxes. The thing is there would be super hostile sky whales and a hard storm wall or something.

  18. teras450 says:

    Ideas with different bioms are good. But for the winter biomes you should give the (ice, snow)textures and add more assets for island creator comunity.
    You also have to think of trabe sistem for different alliance fractions. And to make the game more spicy think of dayly quests, with high difficculty and according schematics as a rewards. For example “Find the island with the two tops, with one having a hole in it.” or “Take a picture of group of five sky waels” and this are assigned to specific bioms.

    And lastly it’s just an idea and you don’t have to consiber it straight away.
    Every one knows of tale of the “MobiDik”, he might be some frightening creature like a grim reaper. Who brings fear in explorers hearts. Juts an idea thought.

    Thank you for reading this comment.

  19. Lexhy Lexhy says:

    what about the moist biome

  20. hoguean hoguean says:

    Thanks to the new commenters, we are planning on adding new biomes in the future and will keep the Island Creator stocked with interesting assets to help with this. I like Panzercult’s ideas for what might lie above and below the world and how the differing heat and pressure could affect flying at these altitudes. We’ve chosen to have weather walls partition areas that contain islands of the same biome so that no one area contains all the variety in the game but we’ve discussed what might be above and below the world and will continue to do so! As for the other suggestions, there’s lots of interesting food for thought so keep them coming here and in the forums:

  21. KRANOT KRANOT says:

    already looking forward to the day we will get ice biomes and who knows maybe we will even get something like crystal or lava biomes in the far future!

    • teras450 says:

      It migh be so, if they add glowing textyres of different colors for crystal biomes and some transpherent rocks with some impurities or totally pure to allow isl. creators to make some fosils and put them inside.
      And what about lava? Well I think it will be the same issue as with water. I still have 50% hope that it will be in isl. creator. with some conditions as it can’t go over the edge of the island, or it cant have a water streame inside the flooded cave sistem and from the begining the lowest fluding point should be positioned by creator. + would be when adjusting max. height the water can reach it will create a air bubles in closed reas whitch phusycaly can’t be floded. and Water fall effects.

      I hope for thise ideas being considered by devs

  22. Waesome Waesome says:

    Different biomes only mean one thing to me. TRADE!

    If every island is the same, there is no reason to carry cargo from one place to the next. Now, with linearly progressing biomes, you have ressource diversity, meaning demand for goods of the badlands will be high in the forests and vice versa.

    I really look forwards to see how the economy of this game will take shape in the coming months. I also look forwards to the next alpha invite wave…

    See you in there!

  23. teras450 says:

    Just resently I thought of flora and fauna. And what if during the traveling in the sky playes might encounter the migrating groups of the biome inhabitants(From hostyle to friendly animals).
    Migrating groups characteristic groups will be:
    Long line showing the directoin if their jurney;
    Bigest spicies representative leading the group.

    Some trees will be having some seadings. Whitcg will be able to travel from mother island to others. The danger of huge seed clouds will be the seeds themselves. Couse if the seeds will land on board of plaers ship, the seeds will start growing on the infected ship parts. If not instantly remove the infection parts, the ship will become un useble and stop functioning.
    The abilities for the seeds will be:
    Ability to grow on anny surface;
    Ability suchup all minerals from the suroundings in order to survive the travel.

    Thanks for reading.

  24. KnightMeza007 says:

    Dear: “creators” I have a great idea for this game release it on Xbox one and PS4 you will get more attention then ever and add in more things a little at a time to keep everyone interested in the game. I know this is a lot of work to do but their would be a big pay off at the end. 😉 oh ps try to use social media more to market your game it would be practically free and is more effective.

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