Hello there,

Wow. What a year it has been for Worlds Adrift!

We thought we would take this opportunity to sit down by the fire, grab a mince pie and some eggnog, and look back all misty-eyed at the journey Worlds Adrift has taken so far… As none of this would have been possible without your support, we also wanted to say a big thank you for believing in us and in this project. We can’t wait to bring you more in 2016!

So, let’s sit back and let the screen go all wobbly as we take you on a trip down memory lane and look at a selection of what we’ve been up to…

Can you believe that the story for Worlds Adrift began over a whole year ago?! Our very own Henrique announced the project to you and asked if you thought it was a good idea… Fortunately, the answer was a resounding yes.

Look at how far it has come (don’t worry, that lovely grass will be back soon!).

Our intrepid team have clocked up the air miles as they went to meet the press in the US to find out what they thought about the game. Turns out IGN and Polygon, amongst others, really liked what they saw.

Our blog posts have seen pretty much all of the development team bring you updates and insights from what they have been working on. There are now over 40 of them (!) to catch up on (if you are new) or reminisce on (if you are an old hand) here.

The most exciting step we took was launching the forum. This was the very first time Bossa had set up a forum for any of our games, so, we must admit, there was some trepidation when it came to the day of launch. However, as thousands of you who have joined and have created a wonderful community for the game, we are very happy with the result! You have been able to help out the development team by giving us feedback on the game, you’ve started to create your own Alliances in preparation for setting sail and you’ve even created your own fan fiction . . . But that’s only scratching the surface. There’s so much more going on in the forum and we love all of the conversations that are happening.

We also had our very first playtests for the game in November and December. This was a massive milestone for us, getting genuine players in to test out the game and and letting us know what you think. Thanks to everyone that took part and applied. In case you missed it, we made a short trailer from the first playtest and we streamed the action live from the 2nd playtest on the first and second days.

We also launched our own dedicated YouTube show for the game to give you the latest news from the development and also shine a light on what you, the community, have been up to. Episode 2 is hot off the press.

We kicked off our very first competition, calling on all artistic (and not-so-artistic) fans to design their very own flag for their ship. The best designs will even find their way into the game. If you haven’t entered yet, you still have until the 4th January to post your design in this forum thread.

And we even established the Official Worlds Adrift wiki!

Once again, thank you for all of your support and feedback on the game. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Now the team are looking forward to a well earned (short) rest before we come back in 2016, ready to bring you lots more from Worlds Adrift. We’ll have our first US playtest early in the New Year. We’ll be making some big steps in the game as creatures and weather really bring the game to life. We’ll also reveal more about the lore of Atlas and Worlds Adrift and give those budding authors something to get their teeth into. Oh, and of course the game will be coming out too . . . That’s just a small taste of what is to come!

Ho ho ho

The Worlds Adrift Team