Last week, Henrique told you all about our plans for 2016, and lofty plans they are indeed. We’re really excited about bringing them to life, and we hope you are just as excited about seeing them.

This week, we made a start on the list of things we need to do so we can bring Worlds Adrift to you as soon as humanly possible. Instead of writing about it, we’ve decided to show you instead!

First up, James has been working on some stuff that’s too top secret for anyone’s eyes (that or he was online shopping during work time), and Klaudia has been making some beautiful trees for the islands, that will make your adventures burst with colour and life as you discover new places. 


Next, Iain, one of our artists, was taking a break from making helms to press buttons. As you can see, he’s having the time of his life, and he’s not afraid to show it.


Charlotte in QA was running though her test plan. There’s nothing better than a an empty spreadsheet, ready to be filled with data, isn’t that right, Charlotte. Charlotte? *silence*


Here’s Matkins, one of our developers, showing us his Monday-morning woes about the creatures we’ll be introducing into the game really soon. Well. As soon as they’re fixed, that is. Hurry up, Matkins!


Herb just got back from a lengthy vacation to find his inbox stuffed full, like the stocking of a good boy on a frosty Christmas morning. It’s a busy life being a producer.


Andy, our tech artist, has been working on the art for the creatures this week (the ones that Matkins is trying to fix), but we’d like to point out that them being broken is not his fault. He promises.


There’s been lots more going on behind the scenes, and as always, we’ll keep you updated via the forums and newsletter as soon as we’re ready to show you. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed too – there are often a few gems there throughout the week that you may not catch anywhere else.

See you next week!


PR & Social Media Manager