Greetings Travellers,

It’s that time of year when we can finally look back and reflect on all our hard work, and consider some of the amazing accomplishments we’ve achieved over the last twelve months. Suffice to say, what a year it’s been for both Worlds Adrift and you, our community!

Together, we’ve braved some turbulent skies, often having to hold fast to our grapple hooks, but somehow we’ve survived! And while the journey’s not nearly over, despite the fact we’ve covered some momentous milestones, we can safely say that the final destination will be more than worth it!

Most notable perhaps, 2018 is the year Worlds Adrift took flight into Early Access, following four years of development. We also released two major updates, introduced a brand new culture, and continued fighting the good fight when it came to bugs and optimisation. But that’s not all, as the following list just goes to show…

2018’s highlights:

  • We kicked off the year by adding multiple character slots (a much-requested feature!), as well as the highly-awaited swivel guns. This, coupled with all-new VFX and audio improvements, helped to make ship battles all the more exhilarating.  
  • Next, we introduced Kioki islands to the game, and in fact, overhauled the map a total of three times over the course of the year, also introducing community islands with crafted gameplay elements like spikes, puzzles and turrets.
  • In May, not only did Worlds Adrift launch into Early Access, but to celebrate the occasion, we organized a Sky-high gaming event, letting players and influencers experience the game like never before – 150ft above the city of London. Another world’s first by Bossa.
  • We quickly followed the launch with a complete overhaul to character movement, with improved climbing and additional actions and emotes, making your avatars more expressive than ever.
  • In July, we initiated the Community Cloud Council, which continues to provide Worlds Adrift with invaluable player insight, and a channel through which the community’s voice can truly contribute to its ongoing development.
  • Priding ourselves on our open dev approach, in August, we launched the PTS server, meaning we could react to your feedback better than ever. This month also saw the launch of in-game alliances; a long-requested feature.
  • In October, Worlds Adrift entered a brand new and exciting stage of development; New Foundations, during which time existing core gameplay features were advanced, while new ones were added, improving the overall player experience.


Kicking this off with Update 27, we introduced the PVE Server, Haven (a new tutorial starting zone for improved onboarding), as well as cooking, crafting, furniture, and guitars, all of which helped to make the social elements of the game more defined and rewarding. We also launched our new Marauder quests, together with an animated trailer.

  • To round off the year, we launched Update 29: Will of the Council, which addressed some of the top issues raised by the community, including the addition of proximity voice chat, and greatly improved the game’s overall performance and stability.

So, as you fly into the New Year with us and your crew, we wish you Smooth Sailing, and look forward to the amazing ship battles, crazy encounters and exciting social gatherings that lay ahead in the world of Foundation. As always, we remain focused on delivering an experience that allows you to enjoy Worlds Adrift however you see fit, whether that’s flying your skyship with friends, enjoying the view, exploring the world, or engaging in battle.

We pledge to not only continue listening and engaging with your feedback, but to also act upon it. We greatly appreciate your belief in us, your passion for this game, your commitment through both the rough and calm skies, and your incredible help in making this game what it is today. Worlds Adrift will only reach its full potential with you on board. Together, let’s soar!

See you the skies,