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WIP: Early Patch Notes 0.1.6 January 19th 2018 · Blood Buffy

Greetings Travellers! As you may know, 0.1.5 proved to have more issues than we initially anticipated, but we’re here and we’re pushing 0.1.6 forward in about two weeks (exact date TBC, but we will give you a heads up a few days early!!), and about two weeks after that – […]

Welcome Back January 11th 2018 · Bossa Ben

Hey everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic holiday. Just a quick update to let you all know that work progresses on 0.1.6 with QA and the developers continuing testing, implementing fixes, and making sure everything does what it should. In the meantime, we released a video on New […]

The Ultimate Sleigh December 20th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Thanks to everyone who sent in their amazing sleigh designs! We had many submissions come through for this competition, and it was an incredibly tough decision, but the team have finally chosen a winner! Congratulations to Sephiths for their winning submission!     (More pictures found here: The team […] – A Little Christmas Gift December 20th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Ho-ho-ho! Merry… well, you get the idea. We couldn’t wrap-up the year without giving our amazing community a small present as a thank you for making it so awesome! Tis’ the season of giving, after all.     This fashionable little number is located in your stash and is yours […]

Christmas Sleigh Competition December 12th 2017 · Bossa Ben

A couple of weeks ago during Thanksgiving, we were sent a snapshot of a ship shaped like a turkey. Yes, a turkey! Hovering over an arrangement of campfires, no less. And it was nothing short of spectacular. Correction, pec-tacular. But it got us thinking… if someone can make a bloomin’ […]

0.1.5 is here! December 11th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hi all, After churning through the technical guts of 0.1.5 for the past few weeks, we’re now able to put it live. It comes with several substantial under-the-hood upgrades, and some key tools that should help us track down the causes to the infamous client freeze. This update marks a […]

0.1.5 – Coming Monday! December 8th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hello all, We’re pleased to announce that the issues delaying 0.1.5 were resolved earlier this week and the build has just been signed off by our QA team. That means we’re now able to put it live Monday! 0.1.5 involves a lot of improvements to the tech, as part of […]

We want your memories! December 1st 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hey everyone, As the year is gradually drawing to a close, we’re looking at the journey Worlds Adrift has taken throughout 2017. It’s certainly been a mad and exciting one for us as a studio, and many of us have some fond memories during our own playtime. But what about […]

0.1.5 Progress Continues November 30th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hi all, We have a mixed bag of news about 0.1.5 this week. The good news is that last Friday we were able to overcome one of the biggest issues we’ve been facing, which was our load tests kept failing, leaving us without a sufficient build to test on. Resolving […]

Where we are with 0.1.5 November 22nd 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hi everyone, We’d hoped 0.1.5 would go out this week, but although our fixes seemed to resolve some of the issues, during testing they highlighted other problems which we need to address before we’re able to release the patch. Some of you want to know more about the tech challenges […]

Introducing Kioki: A New Worlds Adrift Culture November 14th 2017 · Bossa Ben

An ancient civilisation has been unearthed in Worlds Adrift. Known as the Kioki, this diverse and affluent nation prided themselves on the artistry of architecture. It’s now up to you – the Founders – to ensure their ways aren’t forgotten once more. Kioki marks the second culture to be added […]

Updates: 0.1.5 and 0.1.6 – What to expect November 9th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hi everyone, Here’s a quick update as to where we are with 0.1.5: We believe that we’ve identified the key problem and are currently testing a few fixes for it. If all goes well, we may be able to get the update out to you in the next couple of […]

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