Island Creator Infographic – What a world! March 21st 2017 · Bossa_Oli

Hello drifters, it’s been a while since our last blog post and we are aware that this is something we need to improve and share more with you. We will definitely do our best on that as we approach Closed Beta and beyond. Today, we really wanted to take a […]

Alpha 6 Preview February 22nd 2017 · Herb Liu

Hello wanderers, Two months ago we spoke about the new things we were working on, and today we’re reopening signups for joining the next round of Alpha testing, the first time these new features will be playable! Create an account and we’ll email out details soon. Probably the biggest new […]

Beyond The Wall January 27th 2017 · earlofmonkey

Lofty captains! I’m Jeremy Hogan, Systems Designer on World’s Adrift and a new voice on the blog. I got the nod this week because we have exciting news! We are ready to unveil something we’ve been working on for a long time; a system, which will underlie all your future […]

Onwards and upwards to 2017 December 23rd 2016 · Herb Liu

Hello nomads, You may have heard that we’re closing out 2016 here at Bossa with a bang: a two-week long Alpha 5.1 running through the holidays, in which all Alpha testers have been released from the NDA! If you’re in the Alpha, you’re now free to talk about the game, share images, even […]

Brand New Trailer…and more! December 13th 2016 · Poppy Byron

Hey there. It’s Tuesday, that’s not blog day! What’s going on? We’ll tell you what’s going on – we’ve only gone and made a BRAND NEW TRAILER for you. We didn’t want to make you wait, so take a look… Not only that, there’s also a new blog post from […]

Introducing some new team members -Tristan and Jeremy! December 9th 2016 · Poppy Byron

Hey there, explorers of the skies, Today, we’d like to introduce you to two new team members that have joined us within the last few weeks. They wrote a little message for you all. Grab a cup of tea,  First up – Tristan. G’Day, I’m Tristan and one of the […]

New things for Alpha 5, and release date update November 25th 2016 · Poppy Byron

Hey there everyone, Many of you may have guessed this already, so it won’t be news to you. We initially listed that our release date would be at the end of 2016. The end of the year is approaching fast, and you haven’t heard anything from us about the when […]


We have lots of exciting news for Worlds Adrift today. First off, we’re very happy to announce our next alpha is now open for applicants! This will be the largest alpha yet, and adds loads of brand-new features, including the new Shipyard where players can create unique ship frames of […]

NEW Rusty Assets for the Island Creator November 4th 2016 · Poppy Byron

Hello, Iain here! We really love what the community has been making with the Island Creator so far, but we’re always looking to flesh out the list of assets people have to play with. When we asked what we should make more of, one thing that came up multiple times […]

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