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Tutorial Videos July 13th 2017 · Oliver Age 24

Hey Worlds Adrifters, My name is Oliver and I’m the Content Producer here at Bossa Studios. My job is to create all of the beautiful trailers and videos for Worlds Adrift and our other titles. You might have seen me over in the Community Discord posting spicy memes and burgerhats. […]

Closed Beta Patch Notes June 29th 2017 · herb

Hello nomads, Today we’re releasing, which mostly addresses player feedback on two different parts of the game: the Schematics known limit, and player-vs-player combat, particularly when it comes to boarding parties. For the former, we’re allowing players whose playstyle relies on having a large catalog of known schematics to […]

Closed Beta A new world to discover June 22nd 2017 · Bossa_Oli

Our vision for the Worlds Adrift development journey has always been to create a contiguous, single world that every player would be a part of. No shards, no barriers… just everyone adventuring in the one and only Foundation. Building on Improbable’s SpatialOS tech made that an achievable goal.   We […]


Hi folks! I’m filling in for Tom who’s neck-deep on the Island Creator, thus I’ll be the good news bearer on his behalf (aka steal his thunder). The next update of the Island Creator will be quite different, and change the game in a fundamental way, thus why this post […]


Greetings travellers,   We’re happy to share that today we have a case of an unexpected win/win situation, which doesn’t happen all that often in games development! Our original target was to release the first game update  last Thursday. As you know, internal testing last week found critical issues that […]

Worlds Adrift – Island Creator – Fan-Made Trailer June 16th 2017 · Bossa_Oli

Dear Island Creators, Thanks to you, Worlds Adrift is a unique experience to explore, to experience and to enjoy. Your unique creations help us to shape the world and deliver our vision, but this is still only the beginning of the journey; we will make it even better together. Today, […]

To Key or not to Key? June 15th 2017 · Bossa_Oli

UPDATE (19.06):  Greetings travellers,   Last Thursday, we humbly asked for your guidance to help us decide what would be the best next course of action.   We were really surprised that so many people took time to participate in the vote and the result is Option B won.   […]

From Player to Moderator to Bossian June 14th 2017 · Bossa Kirk

Greetings Travellers! We’ve always known our community and mods are the best when it comes to not only championing our game but also at getting involved helping each other out with questions, advice, and support. Today we are happy to welcome Dean, who many of you may know from the forums […]

Your feedback, and our work ahead June 9th 2017 · herb

Hello wanderers, For the last few weeks, we’ve been hard at work on the first patch in Closed Beta, 0.1.1, which we’re hoping to release next week. Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet, but we really wanted to focus all our energies on getting out the fixes to the biggest […]

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