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Updated: Playing Together September 12th 2017 · Luke Williams

UPDATE Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions on these features. We’ve been taking it all on board and are going to be making some adjustments to remove potential exploits and simplify some of the more confusing parts. First off we’re thinking of separating the 2 forms of “transporting” around […] Hotfix Live September 7th 2017 · Bossa Kirk

Greetings travellers, We’ve been working hard to fix a serious bug which was impacting gameplay and a common visual issue which was spoiling your glorious ship designs.  We are happy to say that these are resolved with the release of and it’s safe to take your ships to the skies […]

Now Live – Island Creator update brings new gameplay features to Worlds Adrift! September 7th 2017 · herb

Greetings Travellers, A couple of months ago, we mentioned that we were working on major updates for the Island Creator – updates that would allow you to act as game designers. Go wild with Steam Workshop as we’re proud to say the update is NOW LIVE and is included with […]

Upcoming PvP features and adjustments September 1st 2017 · Luke Williams

Hey I’m Luke, I’m a designer on Worlds Adrift and today we’re going to be talking about future features to address some PvP imbalances and frustrations that players have been giving us feedback on.   First things first, Worlds Adrift is a PvP game, and while we’ve got a lot […]

Community Spotlight: Fox, the pants-stealing pirate August 31st 2017 · Bossa_Oli

“Bossa Oli: Test test Bossa Oli: Can you see this ? 😉 Fox: GIVE ME THE PANTS”   This is how this weekly Community Spotlight started as I invited community member “Fox” to a google doc in order to have him contribute to this blog series. Last week, in the […]

Island Creator Gameplay Update: Phase 1 August 29th 2017 · quickfingers

Greetings island builders! A couple of months ago, we released a blog where we mentioned that we were working on major updates for the Island Creator – updates that would also affect the adventures of all players in Worlds Adrift. If you haven’t read that blog, we encourage you first […] hotfix is live! August 29th 2017 · Bossa_Oli

Greetings travellers, Ahead of larger work on anti-cheating measures, we’re releasing Hotfix today. Most changes are related to exploits, balancing, and bugs, and while this is a step forward, rest assured we’re aware of additional exploits that we’re working on! Full list of changes below:   WORLDS ADRIFT CLOSED […]

Community Spotlight: Loryenne August 24th 2017 · Bossa_Oli

We continue on the Community Spotlight series started last week. Today, we will have a chat with Loryenne. If you follow us on Social Media or if you are on the Community Discord, you definitely saw her contribution to the Worlds community: her amazing fanart. IRL name: Iris Nickname: Loryenne […]

A Smoother-Running Worlds Adrift August 22nd 2017 · herb

We’ve been following the feedback on framerate issues and temporary client freezes while playing the game, and have come up with a much-needed fix to make the gameplay smoother. Here’s the story behind the improvements and what’s next for the team on this front, so you are up to date […]

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