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Where we are with 0.1.5 November 22nd 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hi everyone, We’d hoped 0.1.5 would go out this week, but although our fixes seemed to resolve some of the issues, during testing they highlighted other problems which we need to address before we’re able to release the patch. Some of you want to know more about the tech challenges […]

Introducing Kioki: A New Worlds Adrift Culture November 14th 2017 · Bossa Ben

An ancient civilisation has been unearthed in Worlds Adrift. Known as the Kioki, this diverse and affluent nation prided themselves on the artistry of architecture. It’s now up to you – the Founders – to ensure their ways aren’t forgotten once more. Kioki marks the second culture to be added […]

Updates: 0.1.5 and 0.1.6 – What to expect November 9th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hi everyone, Here’s a quick update as to where we are with 0.1.5: We believe that we’ve identified the key problem and are currently testing a few fixes for it. If all goes well, we may be able to get the update out to you in the next couple of […]

We Have a Winner! November 8th 2017 · Bossa Ben

After serious consideration (and multiple deaths incurred from the nefarious traps arrayed against us) we have decided the winner of our Halloween Island Creator Competition is… drumroll please… Murdersauce, for their hair-raising entry: Tomb of the Forsaken.     Why we chose this entry There were a few extremely close […]

Update: – A Spooky Treat October 30th 2017 · Bossa Ben

We’re saying Happy Halloween a tad early and gifting you all a little surprise with this update. You’ll find the costume above in your Stash, and guess what? It’s yours forever. That’s right. As an additional bonus to our founders, we’ve given these items of clothing out to everyone playing […]

Spooky Island Creator Competition – Happy Hallow-Win! October 30th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Un-chomp that apple. Step away from the pumpkin. And unwrap that roll of toilet paper from around your mate’s leg. Cos this Halloween, the competition* on everyone’s cornflour and food colouring blood covered lips is our spooky Island Creator contest… and yes, there’s a scarily good prize up-for-grabs!   The rules couldn’t be […]

The Next Phase October 27th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Over the past five months, we’ve released Worlds Adrift to a wider demographic, to not only gauge how the tech handled it, but to also assess the community’s reaction. Whilst the response was generally positive, we realised that there are still some fundamental issues that need fixing. Which is precisely […]

The Story of Worlds Adrift So Far October 19th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hello all, With so much happening at Bossa right now, we thought it would be nice to bring you up-to-date with the story of Worlds Adrift so far, and where we’re going as a studio. This may be especially interesting for those who have joined us recently and weren’t around […]

Talking About PvP and Our “Ask Us Anything” Video October 12th 2017 · Bossa Ben

Hello Travellers Following on from our PvP “Ask Us Anything” (see below for video) our Gamer-in-Chief, Henrique, has written a post talking further about what PvP means for Bossa and Worlds Adrift.  To PvP or not to PvP? If there’s one discussion bound to give rise to very strong and […]

Update live! Major duping issue resolved October 3rd 2017 · herb

Update 4th October Firstly, we’d like to give a massive thanks to those of you who have made us aware of another method to dupe in the game. We are investigating and working on this right now as we know this is one of (if not) the top priorities to […]

Bossa’s stance on cheating, hacking, and bugs September 28th 2017 · Bossa Kirk

Hello all, We are aware that there remains confusion and hot debate over our stance on what we consider cheating, hacking and taking advantage of certain bugs in-game to be – and we totally accept ownership and responsibility for this, so we wanted to take this opportunity to say sorry […]

Visual Effects, revisited September 22nd 2017 · herb

Hi there, I’m Jason the Visual Effects (VFX) artist for Bossa. As a bit of background, I’ve been working in games for a long time and over the years I have had the chance to work in various areas of computer graphics, but the one field I always return to […]

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