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Explore or escape. Build or destroy. Unite or divide.

How will you survive?

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Countless islands populate an endless sky. What happened? Why? When? Your only hope is to traverse these strange but beautiful lands in search of an answer…

The only way to navigate such treacherous skies is at the helm of a skyship. But where to find one? Explore the lands to discover the learnings of those that came before.

The remains of Foundation continue to divide, but some dream of a new civilisation. Will you help bring order to the world, or revel in its ongoing chaos?

Devastating stormwalls span the skies. Survive, and your troubles have only begun! For all manner of scavenger also prowls the clouds. Unite or fight!

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“Worlds Adrift made me believe in MMOs again”
“World's Adrift is one of the most ambitious physics games I've ever seen”
“A world filled with stories, all created by players”
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